Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stand By For Action!

For a "niche market," there sure seems to be an awful lot going on in the SFR universe. Well far be it from me to complain! This week I’ve collected a number of links to keep you busy while The Galaxy Express rumbles toward its next destination.

First, keep your eyes peeled for aspiring SFR author Mftz who operates Flying Whale Productions. There, she dishes on her trip to the 66th World Science Fiction Convention at Denvention 3.

"I Learned About (Writing) Conflict From That" is a recent post at the HEA café by Linnea Sinclair. If you’re an aspiring SFR author, she offers great tips about upping the ante in your writing. If you’re an SFR reader, you’ll learn about what you’re entitled to experience in great fiction. (And speaking of, Ms. Sinclair’s latest release SHADES OF DARK is out this month. Stay tuned for her upcoming Author Supernova right here at The Galaxy Express.)

Also Happening in the Space Lanes:

* Go check out the cover for Susan Grant’s THE WARLORD’S DAUGHTER, posted on her blog. She’d love to hear your feedback.

* RomVets author Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter is the facilitator for Midwestern Dreams on October 18, 2008. It’s the “First Annual Mid-Ohio Writers Association Conference.” Go forth and network, all ye heartland Skiffy Rommers!

* The Galaxy Express extends a hearty congratulations to author Robin D. Owens for scoring a starred review in Library Journal for HEART FATE!

* Paperback writer offers up Ten Things For The SF/Fanatics.

* Author Patti O’Shea discusses her Pre-Book Time.

* Author Colby Hodge updates fans on her recent trip to New York with promises of more to come. (And who’s the mystery “scifi romance writer” Leanna Renee Hibler?! Inquiring minds want to know.)

* Finally, congratulations also to Sandra McDonald for this achievement: “the paperback version of THE OUTBACK STARS is on the Locus Top 10 Bestselling Paperbacks for February and April.”

But, ye dare not click away just yet. There’s more--and what fun it is!

Joseph Mallozzi facilitates a discussion about Lois McMaster Bujold’s CORDELIA’S HONOR. There’s a lot to read including a Q&A with the author. (Thanks to Lisa Paitz Spindler for the link.)

Speaking of Lisa Paitz Spindler, she profiles Captain Cordelia Naismith from CORDELIA’S HONOR in her current Danger Gal Friday feature.

Now’s a fab time to pick up a copy of Michelle Maddox’s COUNTDOWN. It’s a release from Dorchester’s SHOMI line, out this month. (Didn’t I say it was a fab time?!)

More congratulations are in order! Jordan Summers nabbed a positive review for her upcoming RED. She also posted an update from RWA that all of you aspiring SFR writers won’t want to miss.

Have some SFR news of your own? Post it in the comments section!

Joyfully yours,