Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot Off The Press: DARK TEMPEST by Manda Benson

DARK TEMPESTToday is the official release day of Manda Benson’s DARK TEMPEST (Lyrical Press). It’s a science fiction romance with a pretty nifty cover to boot!

Here’s the story’s premise:

Hijacking a woman's spacecraft is definitely not the way to win her heart.

Gerald Wolff is a convict blackmailed into hijacking the ship belonging to Jed, a star Archer and descendant of one of the highest Blood lineages in the known galaxy, while he is but an outcast half Blood.

Jed has found Equilibrium by adhering to a strict code. Wolff’s intrusion into her ship and her life upsets the balance of her obsessively controlled world. His very presence confuses her, yet they must work together in order to discover why they are being hunted, and to stay one step ahead of their pursuers.

I must say, the content warning tickled the heck out of me:

“Content Warning: Violence, sex, foul language, science.”

Science—ha! I guess what they mean by that is “Beware content that may stimulate your brain as well as your nether regions.” I love me some paradoxical warnings.

Read an excerpt of DARK TEMPTEST here.

Click here to view the book trailer.

Here’s a recent interview with the author, courtesy of Nerine Dorman’s blog This Is My World. Ms. Dorman states that “…if you enjoyed reading works in the scope of the likes of David Brin, CJ Cherryh and Mary Gentle, I can say with authority that you'll most likely enjoy Manda's writing.”

Regarding her background, in the interview Ms. Benson shares that “I have an MChem and a PhD in Chemistry. I worked mainly in the areas of natural products and organic synthesis, which included biofuels, drugs design and coming up with ways to make novel polymers.”

Pssst—don’t look now, but I think with all that talk of polymers and organic synthesis, she’s trying to turn us on!

Happy reading!

Joyfully yours,