Sunday, September 19, 2010

Science Fiction Romance Friendly Review Sites

Enemy WithinThanks to Marcella Burnard (ENEMY WITHIN), we now have a list of review sites that will consider science fiction romance. Some are slanted toward romance; others toward science fiction. I grouped them in alphabetical order. I didn’t list specific contact names since most of the sites provide easy access to the information.

This list is for information purposes only. There are no guarantees of a review, and in some cases there is a very long waiting list. Check the comment thread of this TGE post to gleam a bit more information about some of the reviewers listed here.

If I missed anyone, please send me a link to your site and I will update the list.

A Buckeye Girl Reads
Affaire De Coeur
All About Romance
Alpha Reader
A Romance Review
A Writer’s Dream
Babbling About Books, And More
Book Binge
Book Crazy Scrapbook Mama
Book Lovers Inc.
Book Mom
Barnes & Noble Review
Booklist (American Library Association)
Coffee Time Romance
Dark Wyrm Reads
Dear Author
Debuts & Reviews
Dirty Sexy Books
Enduring Romance
Ex Libris
Fire Pages
Fresh Fiction
Geek Dad (Geek Mom)
Got Erotic Romance
Heart to Heart: The BN romance Blog
Impressions of a Reader…on romance & more!
I Smell Sheep
Jacqueline Lichtenberg at Alien Romances & Amazon
Janicu’s Book Blog
Library Journal
Literary Escapism
LoveLetter Magazine
Love Romance Passion
Lurv A La Mode
Mixed Book Bag
The Midwest Book Review
Mrs. Giggles
Night Owl Reviews
Panic in the Lingerie!
Paranormal Romance Reviews
Pearls Cast Before A McPig
Petit Fours and Hot Tamales
Publishers Weekly: Barbara Vey, Beyond Her Book
Publishers Weekly: Rose Fox, Genreville
Rex Robot Reviews
Romance: B(u)y The Book
Romance Junkies
RT Book Reviews
SciFi Chick
SciFi Guy
See Michelle Read
SF Signal
SF Site
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
Smart Girls Love SciFi and Paranormal Romance
Tempting Persephone
Tex Says (print ARCs and print books only)
The Cerebral Writer (one book per month)
The Book Smugglers
The Discriminating Fangirl
The Good, The Bad, and The Unread
The Romance Dish
The Season
Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life
What Here Shall Miss…

Wow, this should keep us all busy for a while!

Joyfully yours,