Monday, September 27, 2010

Sex in Science Fiction: Are They Doing It Right?

Alien Revealed

This week’s SF Signal’s 009 podcast is about “Sex in Science Fiction.” Given that science fiction romances frequently explore sex and sexuality in the context of relationships, I thought you would want to be part of this conversation.

The panelists were asked the following:

What is the role of sex in science fiction?

Authors Philip Jose Farmer, Robert Heinlein and Ursula K. Le Guin, to name just a few, have all had sex and sexuality in their stories in one way or another. Science fiction and fantasy is full of examples of blurred gender roles, cross-species sex, virtual sex - are these legitimate points to move the story forward or are they simply there to sensationalize the prose? What are some examples of sex in science fiction that, good or bad, still stick in your mind? What are some examples where you felt it was completely out of place?

To complement the podcast, debut science fiction romance author Lisa Paitz Spindler (PHASE SHIFT, Carina Press) wrote an eloquent article at SFR Brigade in which she asks What is the role of sex in Science Fiction and Science Fiction Romance?.

My favorite quote from Lisa’s article: “The brain really is the largest and most important sexual organ.” Which is basically another way of describing science fiction romance, heh heh heh.

Unfortunately, the women panelists that were invited to the podcast couldn't make it. So I thought we could balance it out here and at the SFR Brigade. If you (regardless of gender!) had been a panelist, how would you have answered the questions?

Joyfully yours,