Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Tag a THIEF


Having read Anitra Lynn McLeod’s THIEF (Samhain Publishing), I discovered that the story has many elements that would appeal to readers who are space western fans. Upon further reflection, I realized the elements were easy to identify and that I could present some of them without spoilers.

Therefore, you might enjoy THIEF if:

*You like kick-butt heroines who subvert romance tropes.

*You’re a Food Network junkie

*You’re a fan of “good guy” Beta heroes

*You’ve seen both FIREFLY and SERENITY a gazillion times

*You like stories with an ensemble cast of characters

*You’re a Friend of Old Earth

[more below the cut]

*You love face-offs almost as much as John Wayne

*You seek ethnic variety in science fiction romance couples

*You play the guitar and/or enjoy listening to acoustic guitar pieces

*You’re a sucker for outlaws who deserve redemption

*You’re intrigued by a character with a secret past

*In a futuristic setting, you’re convinced that daggers are In.

*You seek out extraordinary heroines with special/superhuman abilities

*You like the look of a low-slung holster on either gender.

So that’s basically how I’d tag THIEF. Is there an SFR you’d like to tag today?

Joyfully yours,