Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Evening in the Life of The Galaxy Express

Spice 'n' SolaceI needed a kick in the pants this week because I’ve gotten a bit behind. Therefore, I decided that one way of providing myself the needed structure would be to casually chronicle my various blog tasks during the course of a couple of evenings and then blog about it.

I didn’t note the specific times, but both evenings I began around 7:45/8 pm and ended a few hours later. The list doesn’t represent every single thing I did, nor did I track how long it took me to accomplish each task. Sometimes I’d start one thing and that would blossom into several others. In the end, I probably only accomplished about half of what I wanted to do. I had fun doing everything, though!

Evening #1

Drank a mug of Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea with a splash of milk.

Finished an upcoming guest post for Dirty Sexy Books.

Tagged 17 science fiction romance books on Amazon.

Ate some vanilla ice cream (left over from my mom’s recent visit).

Blog hopped. Read and left comments on the following posts:

The Trusty - What? Did You Say? by Kaye Manro
SciFi Potpourri at Smart Girls Love SciFi & Paranormal Romance

Contact – Infinite Futures:
SFM: Science Fiction Music by Robert Appleton
Spice ‘n’ Solace Is Out! By K.C. Burns
When Do I Get My Own Flashy-Thing-Memory-Messer-Upper? By Lisa Paitz Spindler

The Slipstream ConDaughter woke up and needed to pee. While waiting for her to fall back asleep (love the book light on my Kindle!), read about a half hour’s worth of eARC of THE SLIPSTREAM CON (Samhain Publishing) by S. Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore. Realized it’s actually my first ménage SFR.

Scheduled a post for next week.

Sent off guest post for Dirty Sexy Books circa midnight and went to bed.

Evening #2
Drank big mug of Market Pantry green tea and snacked on half a cup of Great Value Indulgence trailer mix (the butterscotch chips really pull it together).

Responded to blog-related emails.

Tied up details of a future guest post.

Updated my general to-do list.

Read 15 Sci-Fi Movies Your Girlfriend Will Love at Eat My Zombies. Calculated that I’d seen 13 out of the 15 films listed (not bad!) and made a mental note to watch the other two. Pondering about posting a piece titled “15 Sci-Fi Romances Your Boyfriend Will Love.”

The Adjustment Bureau

Made plans to go see THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU this weekend. Me, at the local Regal theatre, 7:55 pm on Sunday. If you’ll recall from one of my previous posts, this film has been heavily hyped as science fiction romance. (If you've seen it, please save me from any spoilers!)

Caught up with Jacqueline Lichtenberg’s Star Trek/Loveboat Mashup and Soulmates Part V at Alien Romances. Reading her post prompted me to speculate about how SFR ebooks and the few mainstream SFR print releases can harness the marketing mojo of the Big Six publishers on a shoestring budget. Because even the SFR stories with the widest mainstream appeal won’t be read if no one knows about them.

Long overdue update: I added more 21 authors with SFR books to the sidebar.

Downloaded a free digital copy of Elysa Hendricks’ GEMINI MOON from Amazon.

Uploaded this post.

And that’s a wrap.

Joyfully yours,