Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Help! Need Sci-Fi Romance Audiobook Titles Asap!

A science fiction romance fan wrote me and asked about the availability of audiobooks in the subgenre. She needs them quickly because of a pending trip during which she'll need lots of reading material.

Searching for books at Audible and Podiobooks by genre produces limited results (where's a good metadata system when you need one? Grr.), and searching by author name is time consuming.

Aside from authors such as Linnea Sinclair and Lois McMaster Bujold, I remembered that Ella Drake's JAQ'S HARP and SILVER BOUND are available as audiobooks. I also found KS Augustin's IN ENEMY HANDS and THE MYSTERIOUS LADY LAW by Robert Appleton (which makes me wonder--are all of Carina Press' titles available as audiobooks?).

However, there must be more.

If you're a reader and/or author with knowledge of SFR audiobook titles, please hit me up in the comments! Links appreciated.

Thanks for your support.

Joyfully yours,