Sunday, March 6, 2011

"What If Erotic Sci-Fi Romance Gave You Mind-Blowing Orgasms *and* Deep Thoughts?"

Once in a while, I come across laments online about how it's difficult to find good erotic romances. My reaction to this is two-fold: First, my reading experience has shown me that erotic sci-fi romances are a reliable source of stories that explore concepts of sexuality and romance in alternate settings that go beyond the titillation factor. Second, I think erotic sci-fi romance can do better. These stories have the potential to carve out new territory regarding the pairing of hawt sex and skiffy elements. And if that's the case, what's holding them back? Why not shoot for erotic sci-fi that provokes Deep Thoughts?

So when author Kaye Manro (FORBIDDEN DESTINY) invited me to guest blog, I jumped at the chance to delve into the topic. In What if Erotic Sci-Fi Romance Gave You Mind-Blowing Orgasms *and* Deep Thoughts, I make the case that

Erotic sci-fi romance stories can scorch like supernovas, but they can also embrace “fantasies of political agency” as bracingly as their non-erotic counterparts.

Head on over and tell me what you think!

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