Friday, October 7, 2011

Guest Blogging at SF Signal: THE DIRTY Spaaace!

When author Robert Appleton (SPARKS IN COSMIC DUST) remarked that QUEENIE'S BRIGADE "immediately calls to mind THE DIRTY DOZEN," he was absolutely spot on (and he should know a thing or two about homages since SPARKS IN COSMIC DUST is full of homages to THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE!).

While QB does indeed have much in common with THE DIRTY DOZEN (and while we're at it, THE DEVIL'S BRIGADE), the inspiration for the story actually originated from another source--especially since I was too young to even know about THE DIRTY DOZEN when it came out (scratch that--I hadn't even been born yet!).

However, in writing a futuristic tale about criminal underdogs who save the day, I added a couple of fresh twists. One, of course, was a romance. The other is a new ingredient that most other Dirty Dozen style tales possess in abysmally low quantities.

If you'd like to know more about how QUEENIE'S BRIGADE evolved as well as the innovation it brings to stories of its type, I invite you to read my guest post at SF Signal: THE DIRTY Spaaace!

I'm also making an appearance at the Red Sage blog in the form of (cue the Wonder Twin chant) fun facts.

Happy reading!

Joyfully yours