Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Breaking News: Blogger Laurie A. Green Signs With Literary Agent

Please join me in wishing blogger and aspiring science fiction romance author Laurie A. Green a huge congratulations for having signed with literary agent AmandaLuedeke of MacGregor Literary, Inc! Laurie blogged about the experience in her announcement post at Spacefreighters Lounge:

My agent search has been a long and challenging one, but I've always believed the right agent was out there--the one who could really get behind my work (and SFR)--and someday I'd hit the jackpot.

The manuscript that attracted Ms. Luedeke’s interest was P2PC. Here’s the premise as described on Laurie’s Web site:

A Science Fiction Romance set 1,500 years in the future. 

One fugitive on the run from an empire; one woman with a mission that could change the galaxy.  One love of a lifetime.  No second chances. 

To escape a galactic superpower, Sair must find immediate transport to a neutral planet.  His one shot at freedom comes by way of Captain Drea Mennelsohn and her prototype cargo ship.  Instinct tells him to take a chance, even though putting his future in the hands of a suspected smuggler and her hostile first officer could be the mistake of his life.  

But Drea may be far more dangerous than a mere smuggler, and the beautiful captain wants more from Sair than just his fee.  His heart, as well as his skin, is soon on the line.  With the enemy fleet on his tail, his bounty soaring by the hour, and doubts about Drea’s true motives, Sair has two choices:  Risk his heart or die.

It’s always great to hear about someone who believes in the marketability of sci-fi romance. Knowing about the viability of this subgenre and convincing someone else about it can sometimes be two very different things!

I hope to hear more good news about P2PC soon, so stay tuned for future coverage!

Joyfully yours,