Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Diane Dooley Interviews KC Burn About Sci-Fi Romance 'N' Stuff

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Dooley: Tell us about your books, KC. What do you write?

Burn: I write gay romance or male/male romance, also called m/m.  Within that, I’ve written contemporary, science fiction, paranormal and historical.  The running theme, though, is romance.  I love giving people happily ever afters.

Dooley: Why m/m? What is its particular appeal to you?

Burn: There were a number of aspects that influenced why I started writing m/m, but the underlying premise is that I believe love between consenting adults should be celebrated, regardless of gender.  In terms of craft, I’ve always found writing from the male point of view more comfortable, so books where both romantic leads are men seem to coalesce more easily into a story.

Dooley: What was your first published piece?

Burn: MIA Case Files: Wolfsbane, from Loose Id.  It’s a paranormal romance with werewolves (as I’m sure is obvious) but in my book, I go back to the classic, in a way, with werewolves as the bad guys.

Dooley: What is your most recent publication?

Burn: My most recent is a sci-fi romance called Alien ‘n’ Outlaw from Carina Press.  It’s my first stab at alien loving, and it was a blast.

Dooley: Which authors inspired you to write?
Burn: Agatha Christie and David Eddings.  My first loves are mystery and fantasy books.  I can’t write either (and I’ve tried) but those were the two authors that cemented my own desire to be an author.

Dooley: Which author would you most like to chat with over a good meal and why?

Burn: It’s a toss up.  Probably George R.R. Martin or James Rollins.  Why?  Well, I’d like to chat with Martin about his process for creating such complicated, intricate world building.  Rollins, I’d like to discuss how he develops his plots and how he researches.  I’d love to know if he gets access to a bunch of places as a best-selling author that most people don’t get access to.

Dooley: What are the last three books you read?

Burn: Heart of the Jungle by Jeremy Pack, Transforming Hades by Drew Zachary, The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks by Josh Lanyon.

Read the blurb and excerpt.
Dooley: What do you do when you’re not writing?

Burn: Not a whole lot!  I have a full time job, so when you add in the writing, there’s not a lot of time for anything else.  But in my admittedly sparse spare time, I read, watch TV, and go to the movies.

Dooley: What is your best advice for an aspiring writer?

Burn: Keep writing!  Writing is a skill like any other, and the more you do it, the better you get.

Dooley: Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Burn: I’ve been lucky that I’ve managed to visit my three top destinations – Egypt, UK & Mexico.  I’d still love to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Dooley: What are your favorite places to visit on the web?

Burn: Um… safe for work?  Just kidding.  Surprisingly, I don’t spend a lot of time on x-rated sites.  I have two sites that I really love: Evil Editor & The Gallery of Regrettable Food.  Both just make me laugh, and they’re great as a pick me up when I need a break.

Dooley: Where can readers find you? 

Burn: Readers can find me on my site www.kcburn.com and I’m on Twitter as @authorkcburn. I’m on Facebook as well, but I tend to spend more time on Twitter.
Dooley: Thanks so much for visiting The Galaxy Express, K.C.