Friday, September 19, 2014

My Post on Superhuman SFR Via Sharon Lynn Fisher's Newsletter

I'm the September guest columnist for author Sharon Lynn Fisher's newsletter and my topic is superhuman sci-fi romance! Here's a peek:

To Love a Superhuman

"Superhuman" sounds pretty nifty, but what exactly does it mean? The term has traditionally described a sub-category of science fiction tales that feature "…the emergence of humans who have abilities beyond the norm." Sounds intriguing and even a bit mysterious, yes?

Superhuman characters are plentiful in SF and you'll encounter them in a variety of settings--space opera, cyberpunk, steampunk, near-future, etc. Most people are familiar with superhuman SF as expressed in the superhero genre. Superheroes are pretty much all superhuman, all the time. Other types of superhuman characters are more subtle in nature and include characters such as telepaths, genetically engineered people, and cyborgs.

SF offers many choices of superhuman characters and explores them in speculative-happy fashion. But what about readers who prefer a more intimate, character-driven approach?


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If you've read a superhuman SFR and want to share, hit me up!

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