Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sci-Fi Romance Alert: PANDORA’S PROMISE by Kathryn Lance

Via the SFWA New Release newsletter, I learned about a science fiction romance called PANDORA’S PROMISE by Kathryn Lance. It’s the final installment of a trilogy. Here’s the cover and blurb so you can learn more:

Pandora’s Promise, the long-awaited conclusion to the trilogy that began with the award-winning novel Pandora’s Genes, takes place in a world 100 years after a recombinant-DNA disaster destroyed all oil-based technology and caused widespread mutations. Due to an inherited genetic disease, the human race seems doomed to extinction. In this dangerous setting, Evvy, the brilliant young scientist trying to save humanity, sets out on a perilous quest, while Zach, the poet-warrior and Evvy’s self-exiled soul mate, encounters deadly challenges and surprising allies among disparate human and animal societies, including empathic elephants who roam the Great Plains. Unknowingly, both Zach and Evvy follow clues to the mysterious Eye–a source of hope? Of oblivion? Or merely a myth? Will time run out before they find the Eye--and each other?

You can follow Kathryn Lance on Twitter: @AZFREELANCE

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