Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Author Supernova: Susan Grant, Part II

Congratulations, Frances! By the order of our impartial and oh-so-random randomizer, you’ve just won an autographed copy of Susan Grant’s MOONSTRUCK. Please email your name & address to sfrgalaxyNOSPAM@gmail.com.

Everyone else, stay tuned for a chance to win a copy of MOONSTRUCK! (To those who didn’t win but have already commented, your names will automatically go back into the proverbial pot.)

Now back to our featured author.

Susan Grant is a born and bred SF lover, so you won’t steer wrong with her books. (Well, okay, this is probably true of most of the authors featured here but it bears repeating—cue evil grin.) She’s also one of the recent wave of veteran authors who are redefining the subgenre. Science fiction romance has undergone a makeover you don’t want to miss.

In the comments section at Dear Author’s review of MOONSTRUCK, Susan recently unveiled the prototype for the cover of Warlord’s Daughter, the next book in the Borderlands series. That is some seriously excellent...hardware. (Hey, does anyone else suddenly feel warm in here?)

But there’s much more to Susan and her illustrious career. I’ve sampled the galaxy (and scavenged a few far-flung planets) for links to various interviews and other goodies. Chow down:

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And finally, interviews at Paranormal Romance One and Two.

If you’re an aspiring SFR author, it would behoove you to peruse these interviews, et al because Susan Grant has the cosmic wisdom to help make you an informed consumer of what it takes to compete in a, uh, competitive publishing market. SFR has historically been a niche market, but with authors like Susan Grant, the times they are a-changing.

Tell me what you think about that.

Joyfully yours,