Thursday, June 12, 2008

Author Supernova: Susan Grant, Part III

Welcome back to our Susan Grant lollapalooza. Hope you had fun perusing her interviews (and don’t forget to bookmark her Web site). Recently, the prolific author agreed to answer a few questions about her art for the fine passengers of this intergalactic locomotive. Read on!

The Galaxy Express: What inspires you to write science fiction romance?

Susan Grant: Simply put: It was a natural fit. I loved reading and watching SFR. So, I wrote what I could never find enough of on the shelves. I’ve enjoyed space adventure and science fiction all my life in books (too many to list) and movies (Terminator, Star Wars), and TV (Babylon 5, Star Trek TNG). The stories I liked the most were the ones that gave the relationships a bigger role.

TGE: Describe your style of science fiction romance in three words.

SG: Adventure—militarily and aviation(ly) accurate—romantic.

TGE: What is the sexiest/coolest technology you've created for your characters?

SG: One of them was my “gravity generator.” Most books don’t address just how it is that the characters aren’t floating in zero G. If the ship is large and rotates, you’ll have gravity, but how many times is this just blown over? So in my Star books, my ship had a grav generator. Now, what is created can also malfunction. Sporadically. I had fun with that!

TGE: What themes will readers discover about science fiction and romance from your stories?

SG: I hope that if they come to this genre from the other two in a pure sense they might learn to like the other, i.e. a romance reader may see that SF isn’t so cold and techy. They’ll also discover what a great “couple” romance and SF make.

TGE: Any other comments about the genre, or any news about your work you'd like to share?

SG: Yes--my heartfelt thanks for your fantastic blog/website and all the support you and the readers here show SF Romance and Romantic SF writers. It’s so cool to see our work showcased in such a respectful fashion. We’ve long been the poor step-sister of genres due to our mixed heritage, and support like this is a tremendous help in getting the word out about our books.

I’d like to add my own thanks—thanks!—to all who commented this week, and for your enthusiasm about Susan Grant’s books.

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Susan, it’s been a pleasure having you aboard!

Joyfully yours,