Saturday, September 11, 2010

Natalie Hatch Wins Big For BREEDER, Her YA Girl Space Pirate Story

I’d like to share some exciting news today. I recently discovered that Galaxy Express passenger Natalie Hatch won in the Young Adult category of the Children's and Young Adult authors contest with BREEDER, her girl space pirate novel. Congratulations, Natalie!

I had the honor of reading an early draft of the manuscript, and boy was it ever impressive even at that stage. I normally don’t delve into YA these days, but I couldn’t resist the chance to read a grrrl space pirate tale. The story has action, adventure, romance, and groovy space whales (you’ll just have to read it for yourself to discover why). The heroine really knows her way around tools, and the worldbuilding details regarding the repairs she did really drew me into her character. The hero was noble, and the villain truly heinous.

As if the contest win wasn’t awesome enough, the manuscript is in the hands of two major mainstream print publishers and an agent. It’ll be so cool seeing this book hit the shelves. Fingers crossed for you, Natalie!

To learn more about Natalie Hatch’s win, read her announcement post at her blog, What Time Is It Again?

Joyfully yours,