Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 Random Thoughts About Science Fiction Romance

1) I love being pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of cool gadgets or tech. I feel entertained and smarter at the same time!

2) Inventive worldbuilding can excite me just as much as the romance or plot.

3) I just saw a new sci-fi romance cover with man tittyblatant marketing alert!and that style still doesn’t compute. The story premise, however, is right up my alley. Based on what I know about the author, the story will probably have high-octane action scenes. So why can’t the cover reflect that?

4) I’ve got a hankering for long passages of snappy dialogue between heroes and heroines, especially if they’re talking tech and flirting at the same time. Ebooks allow for that kind of flexibility, so let’s go for it!

5) I recently read an erotic science fiction romance where the hero takes advantage of the heroine’s romantic feelings for him. Not very heroic, but on the other hand, the couple is in a highly charged political situation. Weeks later, I’m still trying to decide if that’s an example of subversive SFR or if the hero is just an asshat.

6) When will we get a science fiction romance graphic novel? I want one real bad. Maybe a biopunk story in a near-future setting? With the hero and heroine equally extraordinary in their own unique ways? Yeah, that’d hit the spot!

7) One aspect I like about digital-first science fiction romances is that the books, as far as I know, feature titles generated by the authors themselves and not some faceless marketing department.

8) Even if a story doesn’t work for me 100%, there’s still a 100% chance that each author will take me on a unique journey.

9) The next time someone tells me how much they like Joss Whedon’s heroines, I’m going to point them to science fiction romance for more of the same experience.

10) Seems like digital publishing is making science fiction romance a more solid bet for authors who otherwise wouldn’t have written one. It will be interesting to see how reader response to this subgenre will shift as more story choices become available.

And that's a wrap. Feel free to share any random thoughts you might have about sci-fi romance!

Joyfully yours,