Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TAMING THE ALPHA Boxed Set Includes SFR Stories

TAMING THE ALPHA is a boxed set featuring a variety of Alpha heroes in spicy romances. It's out today, and I asked author Ella Drake if she could tell us more about the collection's science fiction romance offerings. She kindly assembled specific information and tags so interested readers could discover the stories more easily. How cool is that?!

First, here's the cover and blurb:

When an alpha is too hot to handle, what’s a girl to do? Simple…Tame the Alpha and make him purr.

From deliciously sizzling contemporary bad boys, to pulse-tingling paranormal hotties, you’re sure to fall in love and in lust with any or all of these alphas. Over twenty fabulous authors bring their A-game to tempt your every desire.

Now for the main event:

BROKEN COMMUNICATIONS: Immortal Outcasts #1 - Part of the Immortal Ops World - Mandy M. Roth

What it's about: Genetically altered into a super soldier who can shift into a wolf, Casey Black should have been the perfect asset—but that wasn’t to be. (read complete description here.)

What you'll discover: super soldiers, genetic engineering, shapeshifters


What it's about: With no one left to marry on the planet, the dragon shifters are starting to get desperate.

What you'll discover: shifter, shapeshifter, paranormal, dragon romance, Dragon Lords Universe, portal to Earth, Alien Contact

RIVER ARROW - Ella Drake

What it's about: Don't get involved. That grim policy has saved Jared's skin in his post-apoc world. But when Mari faces a drifter gang, he risks losing his boat, his trade route and his life.

What you'll discover: post-apocalyptic romance, climate disaster, near-future, river boat captain, Memphis, action adventure.

RENEGADE - Jaide Fox

What it's about: Altered by science, the Renegades are the ultimate warriors--indestructible and deadly.

What you'll discover: Genetic engineering, post apocalyptic, nanotechnology


What it's about: What do you get when you mix a high IQ and a lot of spare parts? The man of your dreams, of course.

What you'll discover: cyborg, droid, scientist, space, war, aliens

Where you can find TAMING THE ALPHA:

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Happy reading!

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