Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 Science Fiction Romance New Release Roundup

I’ve compiled a list of the forthcoming science fiction romance titles from mainstream print publishers for 2009. Included below are links to more information about each book, and by clicking through you can read blurbs and/or excerpts.

But, I need your help!

As vast a territory as the Web is, I may have inadvertently missed a few titles. So this post is also a call for information about any other science fiction romance print or ebooks (non erotic; non self-published/vanity) that will be released in 2009.

I need this information for you, my ultra hip passengers, as well as another exciting development (but that's off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush, for now).

Please spread the word!

Authors, please leave the information in the comment section or email me at sfrgalaxy “at”

Here’s the current list so far:

Linnea Sinclair – HOPE'S FOLLY February 2009

Karin Shah – STARJACKED February 10, 2009

Susan Grant – THE WARLORD’S DAUGHTER February 24, 2009

Katherine Allred – CLOSE ENCOUNTERS April 1, 2009

Autumn Dawn – WHEN SPARKS FLY April 2009

Catherine Asaro – DIAMOND STAR May 2009

Wen Spencer – ENDLESS BLUE (paperback) May 2009

Karen Kelley -- CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE SEXY KIND (MMP re-release) June 2009

Kristin Landon – THE DARK REACHES June 2009

A.J. Menden - TEKGRRL June 2009

Jordan Summers – SCARLET June 2009; CRIMSON November 2009

Sandra McDonald – THE STARS BLUE YONDER July 2009

Jess Granger – BEYOND THE RAIN August 2009

Susan Kearney -- LUCAN September 2009 (Grand Central Publishing)

Ann Aguirre – DOUBLEBLIND October 2009

Claire Delacroix – GUARDIAN October 2009

Susan Kearney -- RION December 2009

Susan Kearney -- JORDAN March 2010

Gayle Ann Williams - TSUNAMI BLUE April 2010

Joyfully yours,