Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Smutketeers Double Feature, Part I: Rachel Grace’s GEARED FOR PLEASURE

While reading an article in RT Book Reviews (Jan, 2012) about the author group known as the Smutketeers, I discovered the news about Rachel Grace’s GEARED FOR PLEASURE, an erotic steampunk romance from Berkley Heat that’s out this month. This book is the first in the author’s Elemental Steam series.

The Smutketeers is a multi-author blog that’s been around since September, 2008. In their announcement post, they outlined the blog’s general theme:

We are a very naughty group of romance and erotica writers who occasionally get together, dress up in wild costumes, and make our men drag props out into the desert for photoshoots. If we look that hot, there must be photographic evidence of the event, don’t you think?

I had heard about this blog before then, but it wasn’t until reading about it in RT that I discovered two of them enjoyed writing steampunk romance. One of course, is Rachel Grace. The other is Eden Bradley, who will be coming aboard later today for some steamy fun.

RT Book Reviews reviewed GEARED FOR PLEASURE (March 2012), and this line in particular caught my eye: “The storyline itself is complex but Grace does an excellent job of making the tale one readers can relate to…” (p. 116). It sounds like the story promises an erotic romance tale that readers can sink their teeth into.

The story description points to a blend of paranormal and science-based steampunk elements:

The world of Theorrey runs like a well-oiled machine. The elements are in balance, passion is tamed and the young queen is the heartbeat of it all. But in these two all-new stories of elemental steam, nothing is ever as it seems...
Earthly Desires

Demeter "Dare" Senedal is the Queen's Chalice-her protector and closest companion. So when the queen goes missing, Dare rushes to locate her, even though the search leads her straight into trouble.

A gentleman who trades in secrets and sin, Bodhan revels in carnal delights, but when a naked and bound woman appears on his shore, he finds his hunger to possess at odds with his need to protect. As Bodhan shares his knowledge of pleasure, Dare must decide if she can trust him, both with her mission and her heart.

Fiery Temptations

Seraphina always lands on her feet. After all, she is a Felidae-at times more feline than human-and an excellent thief. There has never been a job Phina wouldn't take or a man who could tame her...until she meets Cyrus Arendal.


To help celebrate the book’s launch, the author is running a contest. Up for grabs: a $50 Amazon or B&N gift card! Click here for complete details (an excerpt from the book is also posted).

Happy reading!

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