Friday, December 12, 2008

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Help a Brother Out and a Few Shiny Links

Grasping for the Wind’s John Ottinger III is in the process of updating his blogroll of fantasy and science fiction book reviewers and needs your help. Specific details are here for bloggers that want to participate.

Behold thee current list:

A Dribble Of Ink


The Book Swede

Breeni Books

Dark Wolf Fantasy Reviews

Dragons, Heroes and Wizards

Dusk Before the Dawn

The Galaxy Express

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review


Fantasy Book Critic

Fantasy Debut

Fantasy and Sci-fi Lovin' Blog

Jumpdrives and Cantrips

Neth Space


OF Blog of the Fallen

The Old Bat's Belfry

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist

Realms of Speculative Fiction

Rob's Blog o' Stuff


Severian's Fantastic Worlds

SF Signal

Sporadic Book Reviews

The Road Not Taken

Urban Fantasy Land

Vast and Cool and Unsympathetic

Walker of Worlds

Wands and Worlds

WJ Fantasy Reviews

The World in a Satin Bag

And finally...

Allow me to entertain you! Here are links to my recent posts at

Challenge of the Skiffy Rommer Brigade

Once Upon a Time in the West…and Space

Science Fiction Romance Hot Sheet (December Ed.)

Last but not least, take a gander at this “junk,” mateys: Jess Granger is hosting Interactive Adventure! Ethel the Space Pirate. Sally forth and join in her cosmic adventure!

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