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Tagging Samhain Publishing’s CYBERSHOCK Anthology

I’ve read Samhain’s CYBERSHOCK anthology of cyberpunk romances and thought I’d tag them for you. Each story was unique enough that I thought it'd be fun to present a few of the distinctions for readers who like to pick and choose their anthology stories—especially since these are ebooks that can be purchased individually.

These are non-spoiler tags meant to impart the general flavor of each story. Here are the stories and my tags in alphabetical order by title:

GHOST IN THE MACHINE by Barbara J. Hancock

Setting: cyberpunk; post-apocalyptic; world was devastated by invasion of sentient bio-computer; a dash of biopunk; paranormal veneer in terms of language used to describe setting, characters

Heroine: Bet is on a mission to rescue brother; she’s a survivor trying to stay alive in a treacherous world; carries a cool gun--and isn't afraid to use it

Hero: Gabriel appears in the guise of an angel avatar; mysterious; ideal for readers who enjoy stories with “ordinary” heroines paired with “extraordinary” heroes.

Tone: atmospheric; eerie

Action-adventure quotient: low; focus is more on the quest

Villain: Earth is under the control of a “biomass” known as the SoulEater. Conceptually, a horrific one, but the description isn’t graphic.

Heat level: moderate

GRIDLOCK by Nathalie Gray

Setting: cyberpunk; dystopian; oppressive Big Brother type government known as the “Grid.”

Heroine: Steel is a scruffy, tortured heroine; drug runner; has piercings and tattoos in the Lisbeth Salander mode (THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO)

Hero: Dante is a cyborg with special powers and bent on revenge

Tone: gritty, dark, edgy; graphic violence

Action adventure quotient: high-octane

Villain: Two, actually: Creepy scientist and an all-knowing AI

Heat level: moderate

ZERO FACTOR by Stacy Gail

Setting: cyberpunk; post-apocalyptic; humanity re-emerging from ashes of the “Decade of Quakes,” a wave of city-leveling bombings across North America; military SF flavor

Heroine: Via is a “psionic,” who possesses psychic powers that must be kept hidden lest she become a government pawn

Hero: Locke is a military soldier with cybernetic enhancements. He’s on a mission to determine why his commander wants to kill him

Tone: mildly suspenseful

Action-adventure quotient: low; focus is more on the romance & character introspection

Villain: Fynn is a ruthless military colonel bent on maintaining his vision of social order

Heat level: sensual (features a bit more in the love scene department than the other two stories); psychic sex

I had fun tagging them (and reading them!). Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this.

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