Thursday, May 22, 2008

Science Fiction Romance—A Refresher

Ladies and gentlemen, please strap on your harnesses. If you glance through the view port on your left, there’s a lovely view of the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy.

As we hit warp speed, sit back, relax, and enjoy some sparkling pomegranate juice and chocolate covered strawberries—compliments of The Galaxy Express’ master chef.

Our goal is to explore the fascinating and exciting aspects of two genres that, while superb on their own, are just as equally intriguing when combined. Science fiction + romance has many faces. For a fab breakdown, please visit author Linnea Sinclair’s article here.

All done? Peachy.

Science fiction and romance have been combined for decades by artists who weave tales about the emotional intricacies of relationships and love against a cosmic backdrop.

The backdrop could be anywhere, in any time, from a near-future setting on Earth... exotic starships and worlds.

It’s Pretty Smokin’ Hot

Romance in a science fiction story renders the greater conflict/plot into sharper relief (or physical release, natch). The primary romance also reflects other kinds of love: love of one’s home world, people, culture, technology, exploration, and more.

On the flip side, science fiction elements add a larger-than-life scope to the grand tradition of falling in love. Couples grapple with the usual assortment of relationship issues, but also with war, scientific discoveries, colonization/immigration/emigration, galactic empires, crime cartels, evolution, and strange, mysterious phenomena.

Heady stuff. But now, discerning passengers, I want to make the pleasure of your acquaintances. I’m going to give one lucky visitor a copy of Linnea Sinclair’s FINDERS KEEPERS. The contest is open until 6 p.m. Sunday, May 25, EST (limited to U.S. residents). This paperback is a unique edition since publisher Bantam has since changed the cover.

To enter, simply post a comment and tell me why you read science fiction romance. Or discuss your penchant for Far Out Space Nuts—it’s all good!

Joyfully yours,