Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Three-Hour—I Mean, A Three-Minute Tour

This post is about, like, the technical things and stuff. For y’know, this blog….

May I present “The Authors.” On your left is a list of scribes who fall somewhere in the science fiction—romance continuum. Authors are roughly divided by decade, denoting the span of years in which he/she first started publishing some form of SFR. I thought it’d be more informative than one massive list.

In this list, you’ll encounter authors whose works range from science fiction with romantic elements, to science fiction romance, to futuristics, time travel tales, and even futuristic erotic romances. Not every romance takes center stage or has a traditional Happily Ever After, but many do.

Feel free to browse each author’s works on your own, but as time goes by (Most! Cliché term! Ever!), I will highlight which specific book(s) fall within the SFR category. Will the style and quality vary? Of course. But those elements are subjective, so buyer be warned (or, um, not warned?).

And the rest…

The other links are fairly self-explanatory, so allow me to explain. You’ll find links to sites with terrific, in-depth articles on SFR, resources on writing speculative fiction, and communities for writers, among others. Yes, some of the sites are currently in limbo, but there’s loads of information to explore there nonetheless.

Under “Heather’s Top Ten…” I compiled a list of my favorite movies and television shows that blend science fiction and romance in some way. These highly subjective lists are subject to change based on future (heh!) discoveries.

I’m allergic to spoilers, so I’ll often discuss works in generalities. Spoiler Alerts will be posted as needed. I welcome feedback of all kinds except when it’s unkind. Additionally, I’m open to facilitating book discussions if anyone’s interested. Just contact me with any requests.

Before signing off, I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge the advice and support I received for this endeavor.

To begin, many, many thanks to Mr. Engineer for his amazing technical wizardry. Because of him, this blog is in great hands.

I owe a heartfelt thanks to Kimber An for her advice and all around superness.

Big kudos to author Linnea Sinclair and the esteemed members of the Intergalactic Bar & Grille. The author list is what you see before you because of them. I’m humbled by their collective wealth of knowledge. Go forth and Join It.

Thanks also to authors Susan Grant and Jill Myles for their authorly advice.

Thanks to Jenna Glatzer and the gang at Absolute Write. Your support is priceless.

Lastly, to the ladies of Alien Romances, I salute you.

Joyfully yours,