Sunday, June 1, 2008

Love and Artificial Intelligence, Part I

Greetings, dear passengers! Hope you’re doing well this fine day as we chug along in the Galaxy Express toward the Crab Nebula. Here’s some chamomile tea and lemon cookies to enjoy as we kick start today’s discourse.

Seriously, who doesn’t remember the smash animated hit of 1978, ROMIE-O AND JULIE 8? Anyone?


Buel--(okay, I won’t go there).

::crickets chirping::

Well that’s okay, because apparently neither does anyone else. (But if you’re really into the (admittedly scant) behind the scenes info, hie thee over to the Internet Movie Database).

Anyway, ROMIE-O AND JULIE-8 is a take on (duh) Romeo and Juliet, but with robots. Set in the...future. I’m sure it’s not as good as I remember, but boy do I remember LOVING this film. As I recall, it wasn’t very hot and heavy. Photobucket But it’s so retro cool I can’t wait to see it on DVD--whenever that happens.Photobucket

I’m certain those lovable robot lovers piqued my interest in all characters artificial: androids, robots, cyborgs, biocybes, you name it. Mind you, they are not all created alike. There’s a ton of variation in the characters that represent the next stage of human/artificial intelligence. Maybe even a ton and a half!

But back to ROMIE-O AND JULIE-8. Let’s see a show of hands! Who on this locomotive can tell me that you’ve seen this movie? Help charge up my memory because I don’t remember much beyond a few fleeting scenes.

Joyfully yours,


Postus Scriptus: No crickets please, or it’ll break my heart.