Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Author Supernova: Rowena Cherry, Part II

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Now, back to our featured author:

With Rowena Cherry, it’s all about the moves. Et pourquoi? Because she likes chess! (Le har har.) Visit her Web site for lots of great information—geared toward both readers and writers. You’ll even encounter a few randy puzzles to boot.

So that you can glean more about her background and career, I’ve assembled a list of interviews. In my next post, I’ll be unveiling a new interview with Rowena Cherry that builds on them—so if you want to be in the know (and who doesn't?) read away at the following:

Mystique Books
I Need My “Space” (courtesy of Paranormal Romance)
Road To Romance
Roundtable Reviews
A Conversation with Rowena Cherry
Romance at Heart Magazine
Coffee Time Romance (this one focuses particularly on her path to publication)

In addition, here are a few of Rowena Cherry’s posts from Alien Romances (and I am so not doing the woman justice—this is just the tip of the iceberg):

Why I Write...Alien Romance
E=mc2 – God Clapped
Sexism And The English Language
Where the UFO’s Are

Ms. Cherry also presents a heady number of links and lists of resources for research, ranging from author articles, books, and (heads up, aspiring authors!), bunches of free promo tips. Go forth and indulge in the The Research Secrets Workshop. Get happy there, but don’t forget to return when we lift off for our next embarkation!

Now, my fine passengers, is your chance to win an autographed copy of INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL!


The love of her life is dead,
so she has been told...
Two could stare.
From where she was lying, Martia-Djulia had a very good view of his long, hard, muscled legs. Indeed, he was in very much better shape than her first impression had been of him, fully clothed, two cycles ago.She, on the other hand, had let herself go a little in the past two cycles. Where, after all, was the point in looking her best for her beloved Commander Jason, if Jason was never coming back? It would be foolish to make herself look as attractive as possible when she did not want the Mate who was sniffing around her.

Sentenced to a fate worse than death,
Djetthro-Jason can never tell her the truth.
Even if he knew what the truth was.

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