Sunday, August 31, 2008

The 15 Hottest Couples in Science Fiction (Romance)

Hot: [hot]
1. sexy; attractive.
2. extremely exciting or interesting; sensational or scandalous
3. popular and commercially successful; in demand; marketable

We all have our favorite couples: The ones who sweep us off our feet with blazing courtships, taut sexual tension, and witty banter—all against a backdrop of impossible odds. So why not have a little fun with it? Naturally, I googled this topic before creating the post—no need to reinvent the spime, right? But—horror of horrors—I discovered someone else had beaten me to it.


Last Valentine’s Day, John DeNardo of SFSignal fame posted about the “Top Couples In Science Fiction” and as you can see, it’s, um...well, let’s just say he gets an A for effort! ;)

Obviously, the poor dear must have been overworked that day, because he forgot to include “romance” in the title. Nor does the title reflect how hot the couples are (well, “top” has an “o,” and a “t,” so maybe the “p” was a typo or something). There’s a mention of “romantic themes” but the word “romance” wasn’t included. I’m assuming that’s an oversight rather than a case of Freudian denial.

Plus, the images were rather scanty, and barely a scantily clad woman or man among them. I mean, if one is going to post about romantically involved couples in science fiction stories, own it like your heart desires nothing else. Shout it from the satellite stations!

Well here at The Galaxy Express, every day is Valentine’s Day because we’re all about the romance in science fiction! And there are hot couples everywhere you look. Hot bods. Hot intellects. Hot abilities.

In a word, hot. So what are we waiting for? Let’s break it down!


Mulder & Scully (THE X-FILES)

While investigating UFO and paranormal phenomena, FBI agents “Spooky” Mulder and pragmatic Scully achieve intense, prolonged sexual tension that keeps us drooling no matter how many times we watch this series. They’re the poster hero and heroine for bulls-eye chemistry. And get this: Mulder & Scully look just as hot wearing suits!

John & Aeryn (FARSCAPE)

When a wormhole propelled astronaut John Crichton into the midst of a distant galactic conflict, he never expected to find love in the arms of one of his deadliest enemies, Peackeeper Officer Aeryn Sun. But I’m betting he’s glad he did. So are we, because no other couple completes us like John and Aeryn.


Lt. Commander William T. Riker & Counselor Deanna Troy flirt, banter, and tease during their on again, off again relationship that unfolds during the far-flung voyages of the Starship Enterprise. But in the end, nothing describes their Happily Ever After better than “Imzadi.”

Marina & Troy (STINGRAY*)

She’s a mute mermaid with a past (a former slave of Titan, evil leader of a submarine warrior race). He’s the brash pilot of super submarine Stingray, keeping the oceans safe on behalf of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol. When Marina rescues Troy from Titan’s clutches, their meeting launches a subplot of unrequited love that plucks at the heartstrings. (The series features a love triangle, actually. WASP operative Atlanta Shore had the hots for Troy as well.) And since Marina’s character was modeled after Brigette Bardot, and Troy’s after James Garner, that’s even more of a reason to tune in.


Mainly this couple is on the list because Erin Gray was so deliciously hot in the NBC television show. In fact, Wilma Deering frequently came to Buck’s rescue in this incarnation. Here’s a collection of scenes showing off her fabulousness:

Didn’t I tell you this couple was hot?!


Lessa & F’lar (DRAGONFLIGHT by Anne McCaffrey).

Beneath Lessa’s lowly kitchen worker persona is a strong willed woman with a hidden past. F’lar is the rugged dragon rider who joins with her to rally the citizens of Pern against the rising menace of Thread. Their tempestuous courtship is the stuff of legends.

Kao & Jordan (CONTACT by Susan Grant)

Sizzling chemistry and delicious sex belie what is actually a mature, poignant, and well developed romance between airline pilot-turned-rescuer Jordan and tortured otherworld soldier Kao. This is one for the keeper shelf.

Claire & Jaimie (OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon)

No-nonsense nurse Claire falls hard for charming, strapping Scotsman Jamie, even as he conceals a dark past. Like, way in the past since this is a time-travel story. As if it couldn’t get any hotter, the relationship evolves over six more books!

Lorgan & Deana (KNIGHT OF A TRILLION STARS by Dara Joy)

A steamy out-of-this world adventure pits Alpha alien Lorgan against spitfire Deana as they race to they strive to well who cares about the inconsequential plot in this case because they’re a melodramatic couple you won’t soon forget!

Chasidah & Sully (GABRIEL’S GHOST & SHADES OF DARK by Linnea Sinclair).

Chasidah is a former Captain of the imperial Fleet. Sully is her rogue mercenary lover with a dark secret. Together they battle corrupt politics, deadly mutants, and betrayal while struggling with an extraordinary phenomenon that will change their relationship forever.


Lois & Kal-El (SUPERMAN II)

It doesn’t get any hotter than an alien who forsakes his powers and heritage just to make love with you in the Fortress of Solitude. ‘Nuff said.


A one night stand has never resulted in so much drama! Though Sarah and Kyle’s tryst is brief, it’s a notable romance since the tender exchange occurs against a backdrop of such utter violence. It symbolizes--and delivers!--hope for humanity’s future.

Hikaru & Misa (Chō Jikū Yōsai Makurosu)

You may know this wildly popular series as THE SUPER DIMENSION FORTRESS MACROSS (airing as the first trilogy of ROBOTECH in the U.S.). Whatever one calls it, there’s no denying the gripping tale of a love triangle set against an alien invasion. Hikaru, the brash fighter pilot, and Misa, the stoic officer, can’t stop bickering at first. But the human-alien war forces them to question what’s most important in their lives, and overcome their differences.

Chani & Paul (DUNE)

What happens when a royal-born messiah-to-be meets his heart’s match in a feisty desert warrior? A big budget film in 1984 with another slated for 2010, for one! But it was the 2000 TV mini-series that really catapulted this couple to a level of heat rivaled only by the desert planet of Arrakis...also known as "Dune."

Peter & Mary Jane (SPIDER-MAN)

Peter Parker (a.k.a. the angst-filled wall crawler) and sweet love-interest Mary Jane in the 60s comic books? Not so steamy. But in the first two films helmed by Sam Raimi...? Smokin’!

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Feel free to share your picks for the hottest couples in SFR. But don’t forget to visit SFSignal and drop Mr. DeNardo a compliment about his “list.”

Then tell him about mine.

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*Trivia in-joke alert: My recent “Stand By For Action” post title was inspired by a line from this show’s opening credits.