Monday, September 15, 2008

Hot Off The Press!

I'm happy to announce that the Queen of All Blogs, a.k.a. Kimber An of Enduring Romance, has launched a new venture, Young Adult Science Fiction. YA SF is a niche market that’s long overdue for some action, and I predict this blog will become a lightening rod for the genre.

In other news, Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter’s THE WINDS OF FALL was released 9/12/08 in e-book format! Details here. Congratulations, Sandy! Also, there are still romance editor appointments available at Midwestern Dreams, the first annual Mid-Ohio Writers Association conference. Registration is open until October 10, 2008.

During my last round up, I neglected to mention that debut author Jess Granger has a Web site and a blog where you can learn about her upcoming futuristic romance release, path to publication tidbits, and craft related posts.

Lastly, Jumpdrives & Cantrips is back in action after a summer hiatus. Welcome back, Sara!

Joyfully yours,