Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pimp My Hairdo!

I need a change. I’m just so fed up! Ergo, I decided it was time for a new look. A fresh new hairstyle—that would cheer me up. But which style would be perfect for an intergalactic spy with a mild case of malaise? I decided to cast my hungry gaze toward our SF heroines for inspiration.

These ladies jumped right out at me:

But then I thought it might be just a tad too eye-catching, which is not a good idea in my line of work. Then I thought about a beautifully coiffed up-do. They are so elegant, and I’m trying to flavor my various guises with a little more sophistication:

STAR WARS (duh!;)

What am I thinking! These are way too high-maintenance for me. I don’t have time for this frou frou frolicsomeness; neither do I have a personal servant. Maybe I should let my locks loose and free:

On second thought, I need more of a wash ‘n wear hairstyle. I’m a very busy gal, and some of that hair looks downright dangerous. Hmmm. What about short and sassy?

Eeeek! I definitely don’t have the cheekbones for this look. Maybe something a little bit longer, but still short?

Oh, gosh. I dunno. I don’t think I could pull these off either. Maybe with some bright red lipstick? Maybe? Sigh. I guess I’ll stick with the tried and true. Long enough to pull back into a ponytail, but short enough that it’s not weighing me down. Like this:

Thank goodness that I’ve finally decided. Now for the fun part:

There are nineteen pictures. For number twenty, please nominate your own pick for best female hairstyle in SF/SFR. Then I’ll enter your name in a random drawing. The prize is a copy of Dara Joy’s KNIGHT OF A TRILLION STARS! This classic futuristic romance is particularly apt because as you can see, the heroine sports a mane of long, lustrous red hair. To die for, I know.

From the publisher’s Web site:

Fired from her job, exhausted from her miserable Boston commute, the last thing Deana Jones needs when she gets home is to find an alien in her living room. He says his name is Lorgin and that she is part of his celestial destiny. Deana thinks his reasoning is ridiculous, and she knows he is making an error of cosmic proportions. But his touch is electric and his arms strong, and when she first feels the sizzling impact of his uncontrollable desire, Deana starts to wonder if maybe their passion is indeed written in the stars.

The deadline for the drawing is 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday, October 28, 2008. Contest limited to U.S. residents.

Now, if you really want to show off your geek cred, name these characters and the TV shows or movies from which they hail. Who is the odd one out and what is her name? The prize for the first passenger to identify all will be crowned Skiffy Rommer Queen or King for a Day!

Be Seeing You!

Agent Z