Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Essential Science Fiction Romance Discussions

I’m doing an extra post this week because of two ongoing discussions about SFR that recently started. I know you like a challenge (!) so please check out the following sites:

Science Fiction Romance by Claire Delacroix (FALLEN) is an intriguing examination of the issues involved in publishing an SFR novel. She draws upon her own experience to give readers a behind the scenes view of her book’s evolution.

Additionally, she explores craft and marketing issues that demonstrate how challenging this genre can be to both write and market. She brings up many interesting points so pull up a chair and here’s a cup of space java to sharpen your analytical skills.

Linnea Sinclair (HOPE’S FOLLY) started a thread at Goodreads titled Should SFR be part of PNR? (free registration required). In her opening post, the author invites you to share your thoughts about whether “associating [science fiction romance] with PNR helps or hinders.”

So roll up your sleeves while Chef passes out the red eyes because it promises to be an intense exchange.

Joyfully yours,