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Catch A Rising Star: Kristin Landon

Kristin Landon is the author of a science fiction trilogy that has a strong romantic subplot. Upon finishing the first book, THE HIDDEN WORLDS, I was struck by how prominent the romance turned out to be. It’s one driven by the external plot and yet it remains a driving force in the story.

There have been plenty of articles debating the issue of pessimism in science fiction, and yet here is a story wherein the theme of hope is quite prevalent despite the serious premise. The hope stems from not only the inner determination of the hero and heroine, but from the promise of what they can only accomplish together as a couple.

This trilogy will appeal to readers who are interested in following not only the saga, but also the ongoing development of the relationship. And I deliberately chose the word “relationship” over “romance” because in this case it’s not all flowers and chocolates and romps at the beach.

While all romances are about relationships, those born in dark, grim times and that realistically reflect those times have a distinctly different flavor. The hero and heroine aren’t as emotionally expressive or idealized as other characters you might encounter—but therein lay the appeal.

This trilogy has a lot more to offer as well. The science fictional framework is an example of singularity-based SF, with a little bit of space opera thrown in for good measure. If you enjoyed any of the Terminator movies/shows and/or THE MATRIX, I think you’ll enjoy Landon’s trilogy.

Here’s the author’s bio:

A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Kristin Landon has been reading science fiction since the age of seven, when she discovered H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds in the school library. Love of SF led to a love of science, and she earned a degree in chemistry and worked as a research lab technician for a number of years, before following her talent for writing and editing into a new career in technical publishing. In addition to her novel writing, she works as a freelance copyeditor of medical, scientific, and technical books.

Kristin lives in Oregon, with her husband and a constantly shifting population of teenage children and small pets.

Now for the books:

The Hidden Words


After the Earth was destroyed by ruthless machine intelligences, humanity was saved by a hereditary guild of jump pilots, who now control all travel and communication among the Hidden Worlds—and whose power nineteen-year-old Linnea may topple.

Cold Minds


Renegade jump pilot Iain sen Paolo and Linnea Kiaho know that the Cold Minds—ruthless machine intelligences—have returned. And if they don't find allies to oppose the Cold Minds, humanity itself will become extinct.

The Dark Reaches


After the Earth was destroyed by ruthless machine intelligences known as the Cold Minds, the remnants of the human race sought refuge among the Hidden Worlds. Now, renegade pilot Linnea Kiaho and her fellow pilot Iain sen Paolo embark on a dangerous journey to Earth's solar system, where humans may have survived. But what they find is a secret so powerful it may save the Hidden Worlds—or shatter them forever (Ace, July 2009).

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