Sunday, August 2, 2009

SFR Linkfest for August, 2009

New Releases

After The Rain

It seemed like this moment would never arrive, but now the time has finally come for Jess Granger’s BEYOND THE RAIN! I had the pleasure of reading her book several months ago. In addition to the fun worldbuilding, the story features a strong heroine who’s not afraid to make some tough choices—not the least of which is love. This book is especially great for romance readers new to science fiction romance.

Congratulations, Ms. Granger!

Killing Silk

Congratulations also to author Nathalie Gray (MECHANICAL ROSE), who sold a futuristic romance to Samhain Publishing. Look for KILLING SILK on August 18.

Now for More SFR Goodness:


WALKING ON THE MOON by Susan Sizemore (available at Cerridwen Press)
GATES OF HELL, also by Susan Sizemore (available from Speculation Press)


PNR gave Catherine Asaro’s latest release, DIAMOND STAR, top pick for June, 2009!


Brass and rivets and goggles, oh my! Lyrical Press has out a call for steampunk (both romance and erotica). Thanks to Nathalie Gray for the link.

RWA’S Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal chapter features an interview with Tor editor Heather Osborn. Check out this juicy quote:

“Right now, I would love to see a great vampire, werewolf, or futuristic story cross my desk.” [emphasis mine]

Romantic Inks interviews Samhain editor Laurie M. Rauch. And guess what? Ms. Rauch reminds aspiring authors “…a lot of our editors are dying for more high-action futuristics…”.

Shiloh Walker outlines “what authors should know about epubs” in Epubs…wondering where to start? (Thanks to Love Romance Passion for the two aforementioned links.)

Laurie Green of Spacefreighters’ Lounge describes My Very First RWA.

Help an SFR sister out:

Aspiring author Ilene Kay has entered a manuscript in the Dorchester Text Novel contest under the Romance-Futuristic category. Her entry is IT HAPPENED ON ARSYNTHIA (scroll down to see title). To read the excerpt, you need to register (it’s free). If you like what you read, you can vote for her story.

Free read!

Aspiring SFR author Bella Street presents a "Gothic-Lite Science-fiction novel series" for your reading pleasure. Check out chapter one here.

On videogames and romance:

We’ve discussed the idea of delivering SFR interactive experiences through the video game medium previously, and it’s delightful to discover that we’re not alone:

Smart Bitches linked to the article A Risk of Romance, which explores the idea of romance authors writing video game scripts.

Another (brief) article discusses the extensive voice acting process that occurred for STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC video game. This li’l tidbit caught my interest:

“If the process behind the game's voice work does nothing for you, perhaps a few more numeric comparisons will float your boat -- the script, which is the size of "40+ novels"”

That’s a whole lot of writing going on—it’d be cool to see SFR get a piece of the action.

Author articles & interviews:

Gail Dayton (NEW BLOOD) guest blogs at FF&P: Steampunk Explained.

Nathalie Gray was interviewed at Writer and Cat.

Patti O’Shea on word count and SFR novels in The Long and Short of It.

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