Saturday, December 12, 2009

SFR Holiday Blitz Winners!

Were you one of the lucky ones? The winners of the SFR Holiday Blitz are as follows:


* Mai wins Jess Granger’s BEYOND THE RAIN; Michelle Maddox’s COUNTDOWN; & Patti O’Shea’s ETERNAL NIGHTS

* Janet wins Catherine Asaro’s ALPHA & Pauline Baird Jones’ THE KEY (print)

* Old Folkie wins a digital copy of Ann Aguirre’s GRIMSPACE (courtesy of author Jennifer Leeland).

* S7anna wins a digital copy of Pauline Baird Jones’ THE KEY (courtesy of the author)

Winners, please email your contact information (email or name & address) to sfrgalaxy “at”

Congratulations! I’d like to express my appreciation of everyone who entered. Thanks so much for visiting The Galaxy Express!

I am so grateful for Enduring Romance’s Kimber An, who was the brainwoman behind this event. Also, much thanks to Spacefreighters Lounge proprietor Laurie Green who came up with the event name and assisted with various logistics.

Also, a special tip of the Horsehead Nebula goes to Kanaxa for creating the splendiferous SFR Blitz icon.

Finally, thanks to my wonderful blogger colleagues who participated in the giveaway. Once again, they are:

Alien Romances
Dirty Sexy Books
Ella Drake
Enduring Romance
Flying Whale Productions
Lisa Paitz Spindler
Love Romance Passion
Spacefreighters Lounge
Take It To The Stars
Queen of the Frozen North

Please bookmark these terrific blogs for your future fun.

Finally, thanks to all of the participating authors. I am in awe of the level of generosity and enthusiasm you had for the SFR Holiday Blitz. Special thanks to author Rowena Cherry, who helped spread the word to thousands of readers, coordinated a Listmania for the event, and who organized a science fiction romance podcast special as part of her Crazy Tuesday show.

Here are the Web sites of the authors who donated prizes. Please visit them to learn more about their art:

Ann Aguirre
Katherine Allred
Pauline Baird Jones
Margaret L. Carter
Rowena Cherry
Ella Drake
Jess Granger
Susan Grant
Nathalie Gray
Leanna Renee Hieber
Claire Delacroix
Barbara Elsborg
Susan Kearney
Jennifer Leeland
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Karin Shah
Linnea Sinclair
Susan Sizemore
Ann Somerville

Happy Holidays!

Joyfully yours,