Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SF/F Romance Gets Its Own Category in the Golden Quill Contest

Attention published authors!

I got a hot tip about a published authors' contest from Skiffy Rommer Mary Fitzpatrick. GOLDEN QUILL, an award bequeathed by the Desert Rose RWA of Phoenix, AZ, seeks entries of published books in multiple romance genres including science fiction romance. This is for books published in 2009. The great thing about this contest is that there is a separate category called "Fantasy/Science Fiction/Futuristic."

Not that there's anything wrong with paranormal :P, but the more contests that provide a clearer delineation between subgenres, the better.

You can read the contest guidelines for more information. And there's no time to submit like the present, because the deadline is January 15, 2010!

Joyfully yours,