Saturday, February 20, 2010

Steampunk Romance Poised To Hit The UK Market

Earlier this week, journalist Kate Youde contacted me to discuss the growing steampunk romance trend in the United States as part of a steampunk feature she was developing for The Independent on Sunday. I'm excited to share that her article is now available at the paper's Web site. Incidentally, The Independent on Sunday has a circulation of over 200,000 daily subscribers.

In A New Age of Steam, Ms. Youde reports that

Romance writers are capitalising on the growing popularity of the fictional genre, which mixes steam power with science fiction in alternate realities. But it is not just in bookshops that 2010 is set to see a new age of steam: a burgeoning subculture is making its mark from the cinema to high street fashion.

You'll also notice while reading the article that it includes a few notable authors and titles. They are: Katie MacAlister (STEAMED), Meljean Brook and her Iron Seas series, and Nathalie Gray (FULL STEAM AHEAD).

The article also includes this tidbit about the future of steampunk romance in the UK:

Barbara Jones, romance buyer at Waterstone's, said it was "early days" for steampunk romance in the UK but she expected it to become very popular over the next few years. "Steampunk in general is fun and adventurous, as well as being rooted in all things Victorian, which is very popular here but also, crucially, in the US, where most of the strong romance fiction trends start."

Woot! This is great news. Of course, we saw the steampunk romance revolution coming as far back as 2008!

I'd provided Ms. Youde with perhaps enough information to fill three columns, so even if she couldn't use everything because of space limitations, rest assured I left no steampunk stone unturned when it came to answering her questions. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her again for inviting me to participate.

And check this out: there's even more yummy steampunk romance coverage ahead!

This April, LoveLetter magazine will feature a splashy steampunk romance feature. I penned the main column, and readers will also be treated to interviews and articles by steampunk romance authors as well as an editor. All of which means that steampunk romance has gone global, baby!

And here at The Galaxy Express, stay tuned for additional steampunk romance coverage in the near future.

Needless to say (but I'm going to say it anyway!), it's been a thrill to help orchestrate LoveLetter's steampunk romance feature. It's exciting enough to have the privilege of blogging about this hot new subgenre online, let alone have the honor of sharing it with readers beyond the blogosphere.

Talk about news that's fit to print!

Joyfully yours,