Sunday, March 28, 2010

THE HUNGER GAMES and CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins: Science Fiction Romance?

Science Fiction Romance is usually described as a niche genre, but every now and then a book surges up the New York Times bestseller lists that comes very close to being SFR. I’ve previously discussed THE HOST by Stephenie Meyers, and now I’m wondering if Collins’ planned trilogy fits into the subgenre, too.

The first book is mostly SF. There is a romantic sub-plot, but for the most part it’s all about the plot and the characters. The romance? Not so much. The second book, CATCHING FIRE, however, really ratchets up the romance stakes. It’s still SF, but the romance is taking up a lot more of the plot. The ending of the second installment promises that the romance will be front and center of the third and final book.

Hunger Games Catching Fire Suzanne Collins

So, the first and second are definitely SF with romantic elements, the third might be a 50/50 split of SF and Romance elements, and I’m seriously hoping for an HEA for young Katniss and one of her fine suitors.

What do you think, fellow passengers? Did you enjoy these books as much as I did? Do you think Katniss will get her HEA? Did you stay up way too late at night to finish these books? And do you think they count as Science Fiction Romance? Cos if they do—I’m having a hard time thinking of SFR as a niche genre—not when there are millions of people reading it.

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Agent Z.