Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All Aboard For SteamPink Week!

SteamPink Week is in full steam ahead mode aboard the Devonian Express, which recently departed from the blog vvb32 Reads! The event began June 4 and lasts until June 12, 2010. According to the Welcome post, “There will be 3-8 posts per day posted between 5am - 5pm PDT.”

Proprietor Velvet was kind enough to invite me to guest blog, and my post is Who Is The Steampunk Romance Heroine? I’ve not yet blogged about steampunk heroines specifically, so I had a lot of fun diving into the topic.

But that’s not all…SteamPink Week features mucho mucho steampunk related posts and giveaways. To get you started, here is the SteamPink Schedule.

To be eligible to win a book in one of the giveaways, click here to access any of the 5 giveaway posts, as well as to learn about how to participate in the various activities. SteamPink Week is a very interactive event, so have fun!

Joyfully yours,