Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interview with Michelle Marquis & A Giveaway

HUNTERS, an erotic science fiction romance by Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer, will be released by Carina Press on June 21. Carina Press is now officially open for business, and I’m excited to present an interview with Michelle Marquis about HUNTERS, her writing, and how she has a thing for Lee Majors…!

Following the interview are the details for the giveaway of HUNTERS, so let's blast off!

The Galaxy Express: When did you decide to become a writer, and why?

Michelle Marquis: I started wanting to become a writer in my early teens but I didn’t have a clue how to go about it. Oh sure, I had plenty of stories in my head and great characters but I just couldn’t get them down on paper. Books seemed so long and complicated that I’d start one, only to feel overwhelmed and give up. Over the years I tried a number of times to write a full novel but wasn’t very successful. Then I found a book called the Marshall Plan for Novel Writing and that changed everything. The book told me how to plot my entire story from beginning to end. So I did exactly what it said and wrote my first Sci Fi adventure novel, Naked Venom. After that, I plotted every tale and was amazed at how much I learned. I started reading more and learned a lot that way too.

TGE: In your bio, you state that you’re “a lifetime fan of science fiction.” Tell us more about your love affair with SF.

MM: What can I say? I’m a nerd at heart. I first fell in love with science fiction while reading comic books as a teen. I was in my favorite comic book store one day at the tender age of sixteen and one of the owners offered me a job. The guys I worked with there were great. They introduced me to awesome comics like Judge Dred, X-Men, and several bestsellers of the time. After that I moved on to movies like The Thing, Logan’s Run, and Star Wars. I also used to watch the Six Million Dollar Man…what a hottie Lee Majors was.

TGE: What attracts you to science fiction romance?

MM: Science fiction romance blends the best of both worlds. I devour books with out of this world hero’s and gutsy space heroines. I’m currently reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Born of Night. What an awesome writer she is. Love that whole League series.

TGE: Without going into spoilers, what kind of setting and characters can readers expect from HUNTERS?

MM: Hunters is a steamy sci fi adventure with lots of fun and intergalactic thrills. Lindsey and I loved writing this book because not only does it have some really hot love scenes but it also has at its core a great adventure that the readers gets to join in on. Harmony Knox is a smart, funny heroine I think all the readers will love her. And her lover Bart “Barracuda” Tanner is one sexy hunk of a man. If you’re a fan of sci fi adventure and erotic romance, this is definitely the ebook for you!

TGE: What were the joys—and challenges—of writing HUNTERS? What was the path to publication like for this book?

MM: Hunters was lots of fun to write because Harmony and Barracuda have some really funny dialogue. The challenge was getting the chemistry between the two characters exactly right but I think, with the help of our awesome editor Deborah Nemeth, we really achieved that. The right editor can really take a book from good to great and that definitely happened in this case. I’m really proud of Hunters and think it’s definitely going to be a favorite of sci fi romance readers.

TGE: If I want to become an intergalactic bounty hunter, what kind of advice would Harmony and Barracuda give me?

MM: Harmony would give you a detailed list of rules to follow. Then she’d tell you in all earnestness to always strive to do your best.

Barracuda would tell you not to sweat the small stuff. He’d advise you to take as much time as possible between hunts and only go back when you’d blown all your money.

TGE: Do you have any advice for authors considering a career writing science fiction romance/erotic science fiction romance and/or ebooks?

MM: Sure. If you’re having trouble getting a whole novel down, try writing a short story. Sometimes just getting a story finished is an ego boost. Read as much as fiction as you can and read widely, not just romance. You’d be surprised by how much you can learn reading a book from a writer’s point of view.

Also, be willing to experiment. Maybe the current story you wrote won’t be as popular as some of the others. Don’t worry, learn from it and move on. That’s the only way you’re going to grow.

TGE: Is there anything else you’d like to share about HUNTERS?

MM: Just the blurb:

Kirillian Harmony Knox was one of the most successful bounty hunters in the galaxy—until a brain-eater named Prime became her only failure and escaped, landing her in jail. Now free, she’ll stop at nothing to catch him and stop his murderous rampage.

Unfortunately for Harmony, fellow hunter Bart Tanner has the only available transport. Arrogant and ruthless, Tanner is known for killing most of his bounties. Harmony can’t stand him—yet she can’t deny the deep sexual desire sparking between them.

Once enslaved as a cage fighter by a cruel Kirillian, Tanner harbors a deep hatred for the alien race—though he’s drawn to Harmony’s luscious sensuality, and they soon indulge in erotic encounters.

When Prime puts out a hit on Harmony, things intensify, and Tanner realizes their lust has turned into something deeper—but if he and Harmony aren’t careful, more than just their lives will be at stake…

TGE: What else can readers look forward to from you?

MM: I’ve got several notebooks full of story ideas I’m working on. Vampires, werewolves, and androids are my usual hero’s but I’m starting to think a great wizard might be a lot of fun as well. I have tons of great stories planned so stay tuned!

Ms. Marquis, thanks for your time, and for your art.

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Now for the giveaway: Courtesy of the authors, I have a digital copy of HUNTERS to give away to one lucky passenger. To enter, simply leave a comment for this post. The deadline to enter is 6 p.m. on Sunday, June 13, 2010.

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