Thursday, November 18, 2010

Panic In The Lingerie! An Interview With Book Reviewer Shiori

Panic In The Lingerie! is a place readers can go to “for reviews of sci-fi romance, urban fantasy, and manga titles.” Did you, ahem, notice that not only is science fiction romance listed, it’s listed first? Boo-yah!

While I generally avoid reviews until after I’ve read a book (to avoid spoilers), I really enjoy reading them in order to compare my take on a book with that of the reviewer’s. I’m particularly interested in the opinion of SFR reviewers because one, it’s my favorite subgenre, and two, it’s an opportunity to have conversations about the stories with fellow fans. I also love gaining new insights, both about individual stories and SFR as a whole.

Since my post on SFR-friendly review sites, I realized I wanted to know more about some of them. Being of an inquiring-mind-mode, I contacted Shiori, who runs Panic In The Lingerie!, to learn more about her endeavor, and she generously agreed to an interview.

And away we go:

The Galaxy Express: What appealed to you about reviewing science fiction romance, urban fantasy, and manga?

Shiori: I suppose it was a combination of liking these particular subgenres and wanting to engage others in further discussion about them. It's an amazing feeling to pour your heart out about a book then have others comment saying things like “oh I felt this way too” or “I disagree, but--”. While my background as a reader relates primarily to manga, SFR is where my heart lies these days and I kind of want to shout about it from proverbial rooftops!

TGE: Which book formats do you review (e.g., print, digital)?

Shiori: Both print and digital. As I'm located in Australia it's often easier to access digital books (though I do still love my paperbacks).

TGE: Do you have favorite settings among the types of genres you review? What kind of characters excite you the most?

In Enemy HandsShiori: When I was young I dug into my father's sci-fi book collection, discovered “Neuromancer” and haven't been able to shake an odd attachment to cyberpunk since. I just love the richness that can be developed when high technology evolves against the backdrop of a broken world. So I'd definitely like to see more romantic sci-fi stories set in destitute futures. The dystopian, the post-apocalyptic, the transhuman – yes please!

What characters excite me the most? Well, nothing beats a hero in uniform for me (unless perhaps you're offering a space pirate). I like heroines who are kick ass but I do also have a soft spot for intellectual ladies too. More than anything, I love a great combination – leads who make extraordinary partners (in more ways than one).

TGE: What are a few of your favorite reviews that you’ve done so far?

Shiori: Probably my review of “In Enemy Hands” by KS Augustin and “Touched by an Alien” from Gini Koch. Nothing satisfies me more than when I can write a positive review about a title I've been looking forward to reading.

TGE: Are there any particular stories or settings you’d like to see?

Shiori: While definitely wouldn't say no to more dystopian settings (in any subgenre), I'm quite happy to try any story or setting – if it's interesting and innovative, I'm there!

TGE: Are there any special features on your blog that we should know about?

Shiori: At the moment I'd have to say there's nothing out of the ordinary! I am working toward developing more interesting features (particularly articles) and hope to implement them early next year. I'm still a little green behind the ears where book blogging is concerned so I'm taking things slowly.

TGE: What is your basic review policy? How can authors get in touch with you?

Shiori: My complete review policy can be found here, but basically I review SFR, urban fantasy, paranormal romance and manga titles. At present my schedule allows me to review about one book per week. Authors are welcome to email me directly ( or to simply leave a comment on my blog/twitter account.

TGE: In addition to your blog, where else can readers find you?

Shiori: I'm all over the usual haunts (can't get enough of that social media)! You can find me at Shelfari, GoodReads, Twitter, and LibraryThing.

TGE: What can readers look forward to on your blog in the near future?

Shiori: With any luck, plenty of new reviews over the holiday period. Additionally I'm gearing up for my first giveaway, which should be fun. As mentioned above, there should also be some articles appearing in the future. I've certainly got some work in store for 2011, don't I? ;)

Shiori, thanks so much for coming aboard!

Joyfully yours,