Thursday, February 17, 2011

The DABWAHA Tournament Needs Science Fiction Romance

You might have heard that Dear Author and Smart Bitches sponsor the annual DABWAHA Tournament:

the DA BWAHA is a tournament of books where we put up a field of 64 books and you vote until there is one book, one champion. The contest is twofold. First, you must fill out a bracket identifying which book will win each round. Then you vote.

By playing, participants become eligible for a chance to win a huge number of prizes, with prizes awarded at each round of the tournament.

DABWAHA 2011 is gearing up for action. Galaxy Express passenger, author E.D. Walker (HEIR TO THE UNDERWORLD), alerted me to the fact that this year, readers can nominate books they think should be in the tournament. According to the DABWAHA site, "This year one book in each category will be nominated by the readers." In order to be eligible, the books must have been published in 2010.

You’ll notice that there are several categories for which SFR titles could actually be submitted:

* Young Adult Romance
* GLBT Romance
* Paranormal/SciFi Romance
* Novella-Length romance
* Crossover Fiction (Formerly known as Novel With Romantic Elements/NWRE)

I submitted my list of nominees in all of the above except YA (because I hadn’t read any YA last year other than THE HUNGER GAMES). My form was accepted with no problems even though I didn’t nominate books in the other categories (e.g., contemporary).

I’m hoping you can take a few minutes to submit the SFR titles you think are worthy to the tournament. Both print and digital titles are eligible. For print releases, you’ll need to enter the ISBN number. If you need to refresh your memory about many of the 2010 SFR releases, visit my 2010 Science Fiction Romance New Release Roundup post.

If enough people submit, there’s a chance a science fiction romance could end up on the official ballot. Because as you know, it's an honor just to be nominated!

Thanks for your support.

Joyfully yours,