Thursday, March 24, 2011

15 Sci-Fi Romances Your Boyfriend Will Love

When Simon of Eat My Zombies blogged about “15 Sci-Fi Movies Your Girlfriend Will Love,” I thought, why should girlfriends have all the fun? There are lots of exciting adventures in science fiction romance for the discriminating boyfriend. As long as the tales include a number of guy-friendly elements, many would willingly give them a try.

Therefore, I compiled a list of 15 sci-fi romances that geek girlfriends can recommend to their geek boyfriends.

My picks, all released in the past five years, have a few aspects in common:

* tons of action-adventure
* kick-ass heroines that guys can relate to
* enhanced/superhuman characters such as cyborgs, cyphertechs, and chimerans
* tamer heat levels (with a few exceptions because guys like sex too, y’know)
* and finally, quite a few fall within the romantic SF category.

Hey, it’s all about meeting him halfway, right?

I’ve tagged the books according to setting and/or notable elements. Here they are in alphabetical order by author:

GRIMSPACEAnn Aguirre (space opera; singularity SF).
THE MYTHMAKERSRobert Appleton (space opera; outlaws; alien artifact)
ALPHA - Catherine Asaro (near-future suspense; AI; androids)
IN ENEMY HANDSKS Augustin (hard SF space opera w/ erotic elements)
ENEMY WITHINMarcella Burnard (space opera; military SF)
SONG OF SCARABAEUSSara Creasy (cyberpunk & biopunk)
METAL REIGNNathalie Gray (space opera; badass aliens)
DARKSHIP THIEVESSarah A. Hoyt (space opera; genetic engineering)
GIRL GONE NOVAPauline Baird Jones (military SF; space opera)
THE HIDDEN WORLDSKristin Landon (singularity; space opera; nanotech)
DRIVENEve Kenin (post-apocalyptic)
TOUCHED BY AN ALIENGini Koch (comedic SF, think Men In Black)
GAMES OF COMMANDLinnea Sinclair (military SF; space opera; cyborg)
THE SPIRAL PATHLisa Paitz Spindler (military SF; superhuman; space pirates)
ENDLESS BLUEWen Spencer (military SF; superhuman/genetic engineering; alternate dimensions)

Feel free to add in your picks—there’s no reason we have to limit the list to just 15!

Joyfully yours,