Monday, October 24, 2011

"Amazing Stories" Rebirth

Lifelong science fiction fan Steve Davidson (The Crotchety Old Fan) recently acquired the trademark of the iconic SF magazine Amazing Stories. Isn't that cool? He plans to relaunch it as an e-zine.

You can find full coverage of his announcement at, where I blogged about the news in Amazing Stories: Rising from the Ashes. Of particular interest to science fiction romance readers and authors is that Mr. Davidson's vision for the new and improved Amazing Stories promises to be both wide-ranging and inclusive:
From how I’m hearing Mr. Davidson describe the Amazing Stories revival project, a particularly exciting aspect of it is the promise of diversity and inclusion. With the flexibility of digital technology and a new, 21st century-enlightened attitude, this e-zine could truly represent All the Wyrs of Pern a wide range of SF subgenres, authors, and niche stories in a variety of mediums (e.g., anime, movies, television, comics, gaming).
If you have ideas about what kind of content you'd like to read about in the revamped Amazing Stories, head on over and leave a comment!

Joyfully yours,