Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guest Blogging at Jessica E. Subject's Blog

As part of my celebration for the release of my new sci-fi romance QUEENIE'S BRIGADE, I'm guest blogging at author Jessica E. Subject's place. In The Dangers of Playing It Safe in Sci-Fi Romance, I discuss the advantages of going all the way (!) with ..."sci-fi romance heroes and heroines with dangerous personalities and occupations...":

Sci-fi romance is a subgenre where I question the idea of playing it safe, especially when a story features cutthroat, badass, or unsavory characters. After all, it can be a very dangerous universe out there. Why place characters in threatening situations if they’re not going to respond accordingly? Might as well handcuff them for all the good their rough-and-tough nature is doing them. It’s not enough to look tough; they have to act tough.

Is it bad to enjoy such characters? No.
Stories like ALPHA (Catherine Asaro), AGENT PROVOCATEUR (Nathalie Gray), BLUE GALAXY by Diane Dooley, and MOONSTEED (Manda Benson) tell me that science fiction romance is on the cutting edge when it comes to dangerous heroes and heroines, and that's a great place to be.

Come on over and share your thoughts!

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