Friday, November 11, 2011

Forthcoming Steampunk Romance: THE IRON HEART by Leslie Dicken

Cover design by Kanaxa
Back in May 2011, Leslie Dicken (THE PRICE OF DISCOVERY) shared the news about THE IRON HEART, her forthcoming steampunk romance from Samhain Publishing. (I predict that this won’t be the last steampunk romance with “Iron” in the title, heh heh).

We now have news of a release date and cover! THE IRON HEART will go on sale February 14, 2012 (Valentine’s Day!). And as you can see, the lovely cover is on display right here.

Here’s the blurb, courtesy of the author’s Web site:
One woman swears to avenge the savagery of a ruthless killer loose on the streets of Lundun; if only she can stay one step ahead of an inventor who fears his greatest work, a labor of love, has turned on humanity.

Grieving the loss of her beloved cousin, Ella Wilder is determined to catch the murderer. Infuriated by the fumblings of the constable, she seeks the assistance of a handsome Noble who seems to be looking for his own answers, and who’s reluctance tells her he has something to hide. Over time, hesitant intimacy grows into fiery passion but brings them no closer to finding the madman.

As the killer reveals darker inventions that blur the boundary between man and machine, Ella fights the fear he may be after her next. Can Ella trust her heart to the man who refuses to share his secrets yet swears to protect her? Will Bennett be able to choose between keeping terrifying family secrets…or losing Ella to the iron-hearted killer who stalks the night?

Sounds intriguing! To learn more about Leslie Dicken and her work, visit her guest blog post at Steamed! titled Why I Write Steampunk.

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