Friday, November 4, 2011

Reading Reality Launches “Ebook Review Central”

With so many ebooks available these days, readers often face the challenge of wading through numerous sites to discover the ones that are right for them. But what if you’re a busy librarian whose time and budget are at a premium?

The answer might be closer than you think: 

At Reading Reality, Marlene Harris has launched Ebook Review Central:

Every Monday, Ebook Review Central will publish a list of all the ebooks published by a particular publisher the previous month, with links to all the published reviews.  

Her goal is to provide a centralized review source of buzz-worthy titles, not only for readers, but also for those awesomesauce heroes known as librarians:

Also, I’m a librarian by training. Librarians need a place where they can find reviews of ebooks, just like they do print books.  Their budgets are tight. They want to add ebooks from ebook-only publishers, but if they can only buy 3 or 5 Carina Press titles this month and 3 or 5 Dreamspinner titles this month, there is no place to go to find which ones were the best. Ebook Review Central will be that place.

Marlene Harris has a soft spot for science fiction romance and other genre fiction, so she’d love to hear from publishers and authors in these genres about reviews she can link to, especially ones outside of the Amazon and Goodreads juggernauts.

Here’s a link to a list of Ebook Review Central posts she’s done so far. To learn more about Marlene Harris, including her contact information, visit her bio page.

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