Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coming Soon: Suzanne Brockmann’s BORN TO DARKNESS

Suzanne Brockmann’s BORN TO DARKNESS (any relation to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s BORN OF NIGHT? Ha ha. I kill me.) will be released in just a few weeks on March 20. Brockmann is the author of the popular Troubleshooter series. As far as I know, she’s known for writing action-packed, thriller/suspense style romances. BORN TO DARKNESS is the first in her Fighting Destiny series. Does anyone know if this series is her first foray into sci-fi romance?

One thing SFR author Linnea Sinclair always used to say (and maybe still does) in various public forums was how her science fiction romance books would appeal to Suzanne Brockmann fans. I agree; however, the challenge was making them aware of Ms. Sinclair’s work.

In light of Suzanne Brockmann’s forthcoming SFR, I now find that situation a little ironic. If readers enjoy BORN TO DARKNESS, will they look beyond the Brockmann brand for other, similar science fiction romance titles? While I have doubts about the theory of a single book leading the charge from niche to mainstream, one can always hope.

On the author’s Web site, there are two blurbs for BORN TO DARKNESS, a short one and a long one. Here’s the short one:

In the not-too-distant future, the Obermeyer Institute (OI) has made a revolutionary discovery: With special training, humans can tap into the brain's hidden powers (telepathy, telekinetic powers, super strength, and more). The training is strenuous, though, and it works only for those with natural potential. Tough girl Mac has that potential, and she's a devoted member of the OI. But there's one rule she can't help but bend. Her boss thinks celibacy is key to their work. Mac's learned differently--an active sexual life enhances her powers. And when she meets Shane, a sexy former Navy SEAL, the sparks are instant. But after the two spend an amazing night together, Mac finds out that Shane's a new recruit at the institute. How can she mix business and pleasure?

Click here to read the longer version. Quite frankly, it’s one of the longest blurbs I’ve ever seen. o_O However, it provides some backstory and more effectively sets up the conflict than the short version. It also doesn’t place so much emphasis on the sexy times. I wonder if there is a happy medium between the two versions?

Upon reading the long version, I got the sense that the plot involves a veiled “war on drugs,” only the drug in question grants one super powers and eternal youth, and the crime fighters are superhuman. I also sense an X-Men style league in the mix.

"FRINGE meets X-MEN”?

Additionally, I recently read that there are three romances that unfold during the story, one of which is an m/m. Quite ambitious.

While clicking around on Suzanne Brockmann’s site, I noticed a page where she posted some galleries. On this page you will find an image of a group of people. According to the Web site copy, these folks are the cast of BORN TO DARKNESS as the author imagined them.

Talk about some marketing mojo. What do you think about those photos? Do they entice you to read the book? (I personally can’t get over the model vibe. I know films and television shows stage their actors in a similar way, but that doesn’t work for me either. Unless your character names are Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Ahem, but I digress.) I wonder if these galleries are a prelude to a trailer. Or maybe the author is hoping to sell the film rights and is using the images to get Hollywood all aflutter.

For what it’s worth, the only bell and whistle you need to show me is that you’ve written a science fiction romance.

While you’re waiting for the release of Suzanne Brockmann’s BORN TO DARKNESS, may I suggest Corrina Lawson’s PHOENIX RISING (Samhain Publishing)? This near-future sci-fi romance thriller features many of the same elements, e.g., telepathy, X-Men type superhuman powers, sex-enhanced psychic ability, and a secret scientific organization. I tagged the book in more detail here.

And below is a short list of other authors who have written Brockmann-esque, high-octane science fiction romances you might enjoy:

Would you like to add any more to the list? Once Suzanne Brockmann’s fans are done with the Fighting Destiny series, we can point them to the sparkly new frontier that is science fiction romance.

Joyfully yours,