Monday, February 20, 2012

RT Book Reviews Hosting Giveaway For Kristen Callihan's FIRELIGHT

Kristen Callihan's debut novel FIRELIGHT recently caught my attention because of its firestarter heroine. This is especially so since I had read Corrina Lawson's PHOENIX RISING a few months ago (that book features a firestarter hero).

As far as a marketing category, FIRELIGHT is a historical paranormal romance (Victorian setting), but I can't help wonder from the blurb if it has a superhero/X-Men element. Has anyone read it who can fill me in?

Anyway, the other reason I wanted to bring it up is that RT Book Reviews is hosting a fun giveaway for this book. Visitors to the RT site can enter for a chance to have a character named after them in the author's next book, MOONGLOW. (I seem to recall a certain science fiction romance author who did just this sort of thing with her books *cough*Linnea Sinclair*cough*.)

Visit the announcement post at RT Book Reviews for complete details.

Joyfully yours,