Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cover Action: Sheryl Nantus' HEROES LOST AND FOUND

Sheryl Nantus, author of the romantic superhuman/urban fantasy trilogy Blaze of Glory, has unveiled the cover for the final installment, HEROES LOST AND FOUND!

Cover design by Kanaxa

As I was enjoying this action-packed cover, the following thought occurred to me: "Say, this cover is pretty action-packed!" That's been the case with the previous covers in the trilogy as well. And then I thought, how refreshing is that?

Here's a case where a publisher--Samhain Publishing--is catering to the needs of its action-oriented female readers by featuring a cover that embraces such elements. The staff could easily have gone with a "safer" cover like man titty or a static head shot of the heroine. Lucky for us, they took the risk.

This cover could easily appeal to both women and men, too. And as a woman who enjoys action-adventure stories, I feel like I have an ownership in this cover. It validates my interests.

What do you think about action-packed covers? Do they catch your eye? Given that many stories in science fiction romance feature action-adventure elements, would you like to see covers reflect that?

Joyfully yours,