Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Agent Z. Interviews her Newest Bestest Friend: Cathy Pegau

Yee-Haw, dear readers! Agent Z. here, wearing a brand new pair of cowboy boots I pilfered from Heather Massey’s storage locker aboard The Galaxy Express. ‘Ole Heather is chained up down in the engine room, pretending like she knows how to fix the hyperdrive and that twerp, Diane Dooley, who keeps claiming I am a figment of her imagination, is tearing chunks of hair out of her scalp while she attempts to write another one of her cruddy books. All your Galaxy Express are belong to us! Chef has rustled up a vat of Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters for us to guzzle and I’ll tell you right now that any non-inebriated comments will be summarily made fun of. Now, drink up!

I have today as my guest, the author Cathy Pegau. I’m afraid she has helped herself rather liberally to the Gargle Blasters, so please forgive her inappropriate behavior. If you can! And please note that it was not I who tied her to the chair. She did that all by herself. She is one talented lady.

Agent Z: Now, Cathy. I abducted, er, I mean invited, you here from Alaska today because after following your tweetstream for a lengthy period I’ve decided that you are far too fabulous to spend so much time shoveling snow off your roof, driving your kids around, and slaving over enormous feasts of fresh Alaskan salmon. I’ve always wanted a female traveling companion for my intergalactic adventures and you, my dear, are The Chosen One. But you can’t conquer the galaxy in flannel and denim. Tell us about the fabulous outfit and hairstyle you shall adopt before we embark on our travels.

Pegau: Oh, my head….Wait. What? I get out of shoveling??? Sweet! Thanks for taking me along (Hey, why are there rope burns on my wrists? *shrug*). Underneath the flannel and denim we Alaskan gals are very much in touch with our femininity, but we’re also practical. So excuse me while I don a one-piece black flight suit (not too snug, but not too loose) with a few cargo pocket on legs and sleeves (need pockets to carry things but keep hands free) and a zipper lowered to…mmmmm…..there to show off a lace camisole. Hair is short and spiked. Oh, and silver earrings. I dig black and silver. Very “spacey.”

Agent Z: You look fabulous, dahlink! Now the galaxy is our oyster. Where would you like to go first and why?

Pegau: There’s a planet in my ‘Verse called Pacifica. Mostly ocean and lavender sand beaches. Clothing is optional. In fact, it’s discouraged in many places.

Agent Z: Why, you little trollop! I knew I chose the right companion. Next: there is bound to be the odd occasion when we find ourselves in competition for a juicy piece of space ass. Which science fiction hero are you most likely to thumb wrestle me to the death for? And, because I know you write female/female sci fi romance, which heroine are you most likely to don a space bikini for? And which heroine do you think I’d be most compatible with?

Pegau: I am a huge fan of Firefly, so my sights are on Captain Mal “Tightpants” Reynolds. You will not win this one, Z.

I’m not keen on bikinis (the get-up poor Princess Leia wore always comes to mind when I think “space bikini” *shudder*), but the gal I’d be happy to strip one off for? Hmmm. There are so many. Honor Harrington from David Weber’s series is tough yet vulnerable. The combination gets me every time. For you, I would think Laisen Carros/Cheloi Sie from K.S. Augustin’s War Games could keep you in line.   ; )

Agent Z: Oh my! Laisen/Cheloi and I would make a fabulous couple. One of us would die quite soon, of course, but it would be fun while it lasted. Cathy, I can hardly wait for our adventures to begin. There shall, of course, be some down time while we travel the vast distances of the universe. Which five books are you going to bring with you?

Pegau: Only five? You don’t make it easy on a girl, do you? Packing for Mars, by Mary Roach—to see if she covered everything. Anna Karenina—because it’s long and I’ve never read it. The Odyssey—seems fitting. Anything by Neil deGrasse Tyson—he makes science fun and I can read him over and over again. How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie—in case we run into diplomatic troubles. Let’s see if he translates across the universe.

Agent Z: Cool choices! You’re gonna share them, right? Of course you will. We’re besties already. So, tell me: I know from experience that good traveling companions need to be honest with each other, and be prepared to rescue each other, too. Which sci fi villains will you be able to defeat in hand-to-hand combat? And which of them will have you firing up the escape pod?

Pegau: Wait a second. Hand-to-hand combat? No one said anything about that. Can’t I just shoot them with my pulser? Okay, fine. I think I can handle Jabba the Hutt. If all his minions are off on a coffee break.

Who would send me running? Reavers, from Firefly/Serenity. Those dudes freak me out.

"You rang?!"
Agent Z: *gasp* Don’t say the ‘R’ word, Cathy. That’s the first rule of space club. Now, although you’ll never be able to see your home, friends and family again, I will allow you to bring one item of sentimental value with you. No need to thank me. What’s it gonna be?

Pegau: I wear a necklace with four birthstones on the branches of a tree representing my kids, my husband and myself. As long as I have that, and maybe a picture of them, I’d be okay. *sniff* Maybe. *sniff sniff*

Agent Z: Aw, what a sweetie you are. Please stop crying, though. I want you to be happy. On that note, tell me what makes you laugh, so that I can arrange for you to be thoroughly entertained.

Pegau: I love a good sarcastic zinger, as well as dry humor. Give me a Rowan Atkinson-type comedy or smart, fun dialogue, and I’m yours.

Agent Z: It shall be done! *loads Rowan Atkinson into the hold* I know, I am so kind and generous.

Now on to the important part: my entertainment. Ever since reading Rulebreaker I’ve been patiently waiting for a new book from you. What have you been writing? How much longer must I wait? Details, now!

Pegau: The second book set on Nevarro, the same planet as Rulebreaker, comes out in January from Carina Press. Caught in Amber has Nathan Sterling (the sheriff/agent from Rulebreaker) recruiting former drug addict Sasha James to help him save his sister from Sasha’s ex-lover who is a big-time drug dealer. Sasha’s not interested in going anywhere near her ex or the drugs he distributes, but Sterling makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Can Sasha resist the lure of the drug, or will she be caught in amber once again?

Deep Deception also comes out in 2013, though I don’t have a date yet, and is the final (probably) one set on Nevarro. It stars two of the secondary characters from the first two books, Agent Natalia Hallowell and bad girl Genevieve Caine. They go undercover at a mining site to find damaging evidence against some folks. Why are they working together? What secrets are they keeping from each other?

Agent Z: Excellent! After that I want you to write this story I have an idea for. I’ll let you keep 10% of the royalties. ‘Cos I like you. It’s about an intergalactic spy called Agent, erm, X. She’s gorgeous, adventurous, sweet, generous and kind, and is on a search for twu wuv. Give me the blurb for the story right now and I’ll grant you your hearts desire. I promise. Heh, heh.

Pegau: After making a narrow escape from the enemy planet, super secret documents in hand, Agent…X, did you say?...Agent X has to make an emergency landing on a distant planet. Her craft is damaged and Z X is hurt. She is nursed back to health by one of the natives, a broad-shouldered, kilt-clad shaman. X doesn’t understand the hunk (her translator is ka-put) so she dubs him “Biff.” The two work out a rudimentary understanding of each other and discover a common language: love. Together, they must get X’s ship back in flying shape so she can deliver her documents. But that would mean leaving Biff behind…

"Eat your heart out, Fabio."

Agent Z: I like it! Biff sounds dreamy. And I, um, I mean Agent Z. gets to have lots of sex and adventures and sex and stuff, right? So, what are you waiting for? Get to work, woman!

While Cathy gets to writing that awesome story I’d like to announce a giveaway. To enter please have a couple of Gargle Blasters and, if you are still able to type, leave a comment about...well anything, really *grin*. The prize? Your very own Cathy Pegau! That’s right! I’m giving away a science fiction romance author for you to call your very own for twenty four hours! After that she’s mine again. Cathy also comes wearing one of three outfits: flannel and denim, carrying a shovel, black and silver leather jump suit, carrying a laser gun, or chain mail space bikini, carrying a bottle of massage oil. Which one would you prefer?

Let the comments begin!  

Several moments later…

The door of the main lounge slides open. Heather steps in, dressed in a Betty Boop welding helmet, black overalls, and work boots. With Vader-like breaths, her head swivels from left to right and then back again. Something is amiss.

She slides the helmet up over her forehead. Frowning, she eyes the now-empty vat of Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters. Abandoned drinking glasses litter nearly every flat surface. Silky unmentionables of every conceivable color are draped willy-nilly across chairs, on light fixtures, and even upon half-eaten plates of food.

Agent Z, sprawled across a red velvet divan, raises a hand and flaps it around. “Hiya, pal!” she slurs. She promptly falls unconscious, belting out snores like a giant russet bear from Manitika 7.

After giving Agent Z the stink eye, Heather drags the spy’s limp yet-oh-so-svelte form back to her ship. Heather props her on the captain’s chair, sets a course for the ice planet Freezaria, and remote launches Z’s ship from the bridge of The Galaxy Express.

Now that our resident wild child has left the building, allow me to tell you about the *real* giveaway! Leave a comment (bonus points awarded if you answer Agent Z’s question) and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a signed, print copy of Cathy Pegau’s RULEBREAKER.

The contest is international, and the deadline to enter is midnight EST on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 (winner will be picked at random and announced on the following day).

Joyfully yours,