Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heidi Ruby Miller Helms Dog Star Books, Plus COG Cover Reveal

File this one under “Ain’t it cool news?”: This past weekend, Heidi Ruby Miller (you know her from her SFR political thriller AMBASADORA) was named managing editor of Dog Star Books. You can read her bio here. Congratulations, Heidi Ruby Miller, on your new gig!

DSB is a Science Fiction Adventure imprint of Raw Dog Screaming Press and they are hard at work on next year’s summer launch titles.

Speaking of which, I have a cover reveal for K. Ceres Wright’s COG, which is the first DSB cover to hit the Web. COG (Summer 2013) is a cyberpunk SF thriller with strong romantic elements.

Cover design by Bradley Sharp

Here’s the story blurb:

In a futuristic world where personalities can be downloaded at will, who's a girl to trust? 

Wills Ryder, brother to Nicholle Ryder and heir to a global wireless hologram company, is conducting his own Phase 1 clinical trials on unsuspecting victims to upload their personalities to a quantum computer and download them into other bodies. But after Wills has a fight with his father, Geren, over a recently discovered half-brother, Geren falls into a coma and Wills leaves town.

Upon hearing the news of her father’s illness, Nicholle is compelled to leave her job as a museum curator and head up the family hologram company after learning Wills also stole $500 billion of corporate money.

But when the bodyguard assigned to Nicholle tries to kill her, and the company vice president locks her bank accounts, she has to turn to her gang leader ex for help. The only problem is she embezzled money from him before she sobered up and neglected to perform Step 9—“Made direct amends”—of her 12-Step Program.

With time running out to save her father from Wills’ experiment and keep the family business from going under, Nicholle must perform a death-defying act to appease her ex, dodge a government agent pursuing her, and enlist a reluctant ally for her cause. But help and attraction come from an unlikely source, while current events shed light on an unsolved mystery from her past.

Read a COG excerpt at the author's site here.

Dog Star Books may be a potential source of future science fiction romances, so I'll keep an eye out for you!

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